• LTC2311 SPI Communication

    Hi, I'm Trying to interface LTC2311 with Raspberrypi4, while communicating with chip it failing to get response. is there any python example or any guidelines with Linux systems.

    also for application circuit for ltc2311

  • How to understand High speed ADC, and how to use LTC2311 with Raspberrypi at 5msps


    I am using LTC2311 Chip for capturing High Speed Data with Raspberry Pi but i am able to get data at max 1Mhz SPI speed,  

    Please Provide solution to achieve 5msps with LTC2311. with RPI, 

    or Provide Study material/ guidelines to understand ADC

  • RE: ADL5511 envelope signal sampling with LTC2311

    Hello Alberto,

    You do not have to use a buffer in between ADL5511 and LTC2311-12 ADC.  You may use the ADL5511 to drive the LTC2311-12 directly. 

  • AD9213: How a frame is assembled when using N'=12, N=12, L=12,CS=0?

    Dear Community members,

    We are going to use AD9123 with  Xilinx FPGA.
    The ADC sampling clock frequency is 8GHz.
    The following are link configuration parameters
    LR=10Gbps, L=12, M=1, F=1, S=8, HD=1, N=12, N'=12, CS=0, K=32
    In this case samples will be…

  • Why the AD9106 current output is not 12 bits


    Why the AD9106 current output is not 12 bits,The result is 10 bits.

    I change the gain of output current by writing register x0035

    WriteToAD9106(0x0035,N*4); //DAC1_DGAIN

    I measure the voltage at both ends of the external…

  • ADAU1772 12 channel

    Hello, we have an application where we need 12 channel ADC. We have a Microprocessor that can do 32Bit TDM 8 (256BCK per frame).4

    Is there a way I can combine 3 ADAU1772 (we are hoping to use this part since we are already using it in other products…

  • Hand soldering a 12 pin LFCSP

    here is a video of how I solder the LFCSP parts in our lab. This part happens to be the ADP2442 a 12 pin LFCSP. I would like to note that I am NOT using Pb free solder.


    In the video, I heat the board with the…

  • LT8300 12-50Vin to 5V 1W output


    i need to design a small isolated power supply by using LT8300. I need am small amount of power, max 1W at 5Vout. The problem is the input that span from 12V to 50Vin (spike 70V).

    By using the spreadsheet provided by LTPowerCAD i get an error on…

  • RE: LTC3300-1 12S current mode communication issue



    I'm going to design a BMS for 12s25p LIFEPO cells (in this case in particularly, the configuration is 12s1p and NMC chemistry) and I bought a DC2100B-C in order to test it.


    This is the behaviour of my board:

    • As soon as it is connected to…