• LTC2308 on DE1SOC

    Hi everyone, 

    I'm trying to insert ltc2308 driver  to de1soc board. Main issue for me is CONVST pin. 

    LTC2308 works fine for me on NIOS processor (FPGA side), but  I need to implement it on hps side, as device in Linux. 

    Vhdl code:

    ADC_CS_n : out st…

  • ltc2308 Adc

    How to interface Ltc2308 ADC to FPGA  using SCLK,SDI,SDO,CONVST signals

  • LTC2308 - Voltage spike on input channel from adc


    I'm using the LTC2308 device to digitize 6 input channels.  I've noticed some error on two of my channels.  As a test I set my FPGA to read out channels 0-5 (so read and digitize the next channel) so I'm recursively running through 0-5 in…

  • LTC2308 ADC Datasheet clarification


    I'm using the LTC2308 ADC in a design.  It looks like, from the data sheet, the ADC is biased and works from 0 to 4.096V when the Vref and Vrefcomp pins are ONLY bi-passed.  I'm not using them for an external voltage reference.  I want to…

  • RE: SAR ADC analog input circuit for the (LTC2366)

    If you look at Figure 3a of  the LTC2308 data sheet that will give you a rough idea of the schematic. The bottom of capacitor Cin may actually be tied to Vref/2. For the values of Ron and Cin use 20pF and 159ohms. 20pF is from Cin and 159ohms is based…

  • Q: Which sensors will work with the DE10 Nano?

    A:  The DE10 Nano already has an onboard ADC (LTC2308) and accelerometer (ADXL345) however as expected, contestants would want more than just the onboard sensors.

    For direct connectivity, there are two available plugin locations on the DE10 Nano that support…

  • CN0549 - How can I confirm that my sersor(CN0532) is working well? (there is no difference with any shock-test )

    Hello, I'am graduate school researcher and I purchesed CN-0549 to measure vibration.

    However,  I think CN-0549 is not working properly,

    my problem is that, 1) In Oscilloscope, I can see random noise but, 

                                       there is no difference when…


    Only in /home/mars/zc706/linux_from_scratch/linux-2019_R2/drivers/iio/adc/: ad400x.o
    Only in /home/mars/zc706/linux_from_scratch/linux-2019_R2/drivers/iio/adc/: .ad400x…