• 12/09/2021 USB 2.0 high speed isolated robustly with 2nd Generation USB isolators

    This webcast talks about the features of these USB isolators allowing easy design in for full signal integrity, EMC compliance and proven iCoupler robustness.
  • Alto Black 12 speaker ADAU1701, AK5388AEQ, AKM4396


    I am trying to repair an Alto Black 12 active speaker. This speaker is equipped with ADAU1701 DSP, AK5388AEQ ADC and an AKM4396 DAC. The problem is that a sizzling, beeping sound is heard on the input panel. The problem can be measured and heard after…

  • Actual output of LTC2325-12 is not consistent with datasheet indicates.


    1.In the datasheet of LTC2325-12, the timing diagram shows that the bit 14 ~ bit 16 of each conversion result are supposed to be 0 (please refer to the timing diagram of SDR mode).
    However, in actual tests, we noticed that these bits have random…

  • 12 AD5292 on one SPI Line

    Hey folks,

    i wasn't sure where to post this, so please feel free to move this thread to where it belongs.

    I'm designing an analog stereo equalizer for my bachelor project.

    The unit is supposed to be remote controllabe via Arduino Mega as well…

  • ADN8835 is in the digital PID mode. Heating works 9...12 seconds only.

    Good day,

    ADN8835 is in the digital PID mode. Heating (positive current via load) works 9...12 seconds only. 


    1 Chopper1 is unused.

    2. IN2N and OUT2 are connected together (shorted).

    3. Control voltage from DAC ( 0V) is applied to IN2P. 

    4. VTEC…

  • 12/12/2019 Don't Let Power Supply Design be an Afterthought

    This seminar will offer attendees an overview of power supply design basics, and what factors need to be considered to maximize performance and value for the intended end application.
  • Dual Output 12-28Vin 12 and 24Vout (5 and 10Aout) DC/DC converter


    A project I'm working on would take voltage from EITHER 12-16.8V batteries OR 20-28V and give us 12V AND 24V at the same time on properly labeled regulated outlets. I'm currently entertaining the idea of having a single IC do the job instead of…

  • linux support of EVAL-ADUSB2EBZ (been at least 12 months since this question was ask)

    Hello - Is it possible to control the  EVAL-ADUSB2EBZ using Ubuntu 20.04?  Or could I get python code that would work on Linux?



  • b) SD Card Image (Legacy - SDK 12 or lower)

    This guide will instruct you on how to create a new SD card for version 0.12.0 and lower. There is a separate guide here on how to create an SD card for version 0.13.0 and higher. ZCU102 is not supported for SDK 12 and below.

    The minimum requirements…

  • Thermally Enhanced MSOP-12


    Some regulators (e.g. the LT3045-1) are packed into thermally enhanced packages like MSOP-12 with exposed pad.

    I know that it would be best to place copper filled vias within the according PCB pad, or at least vias that are capped with copper even…