• AD9213: How a frame is assembled when using N'=12, N=12, L=12,CS=0?

    Dear Community members,

    We are going to use AD9123 with  Xilinx FPGA.
    The ADC sampling clock frequency is 8GHz.
    The following are link configuration parameters
    LR=10Gbps, L=12, M=1, F=1, S=8, HD=1, N=12, N'=12, CS=0, K=32
    In this case samples will be…

  • ADAU1772 12 channel

    Hello, we have an application where we need 12 channel ADC. We have a Microprocessor that can do 32Bit TDM 8 (256BCK per frame).4

    Is there a way I can combine 3 ADAU1772 (we are hoping to use this part since we are already using it in other products…

  • Hand soldering a 12 pin LFCSP

    here is a video of how I solder the LFCSP parts in our lab. This part happens to be the ADP2442 a 12 pin LFCSP. I would like to note that I am NOT using Pb free solder.


    In the video, I heat the board with the…

  • RE: LTC3300-1 12S current mode communication issue



    I'm going to design a BMS for 12s25p LIFEPO cells (in this case in particularly, the configuration is 12s1p and NMC chemistry) and I bought a DC2100B-C in order to test it.


    This is the behaviour of my board:

    • As soon as it is connected to…
  • ADuM2400: 12 V digital signal

    I'm interested in details about ADuM2400 icoupler input as i should handle 12V
    digital signals.


    The maximum supply voltage that can be used with thjs icoupler is 7Volts, and
    the i/p's and o/p's must stay within 0.5Volts of the supplies, so…

  • ADG812 NC pin 4 and 12

    It looks like I can use the ADG812 as an alternate part for the ADG5412 but I want to confirm that I can ground the pin-4 (NC) as well as pull up pin-12 (NC) to 3.3V via 100K.  I realize I will lose the Fault Detection feature but if I can leave that pin…

  • 4/12/2022 Power Management Choices for Signal Chains

    This webcast is created to offer guidance on the tradeoffs associated with power management, and get the most precision your signal chain can deliver.
  • RE: ADAS1000-4 and ADAS1000-2 configuration for 12 leads

    Dear Catherine, 

    Can we test this configuration on the ADAS1000 EVM. If yes, Please let me know the settings to be done.


  • 12 lanes JESD204B


    I want to use VCU128 FPGA Evaluation Kit for capturing the data from AD9213 and transmitting data to AD9172 (part number: HTG-FMC-12ADC-16DAC). And I want to configure AD9213 in 12 lanes mode but I found that the ADC transport layer IP (JESD204 transport…