• 12 lanes JESD204B


    I want to use VCU128 FPGA Evaluation Kit for capturing the data from AD9213 and transmitting data to AD9172 (part number: HTG-FMC-12ADC-16DAC). And I want to configure AD9213 in 12 lanes mode but I found that the ADC transport layer IP (JESD204 transport…

  • AD7920 12-bit ADC lab

    I set up the AD7920 12-bit ADC lab but do not get the screens that are shown.  Here are my screens:


    Why do I not get any output from the MISO logic analyzer ?

    Could the chip layout be backwards from the web layout, as the "1" and "8" in the…

  • LTC3986 +5 to -12 extended lower range

    The application on page 36 is for 7-72V, but I need a +5 input. I pulled DRVuv to Vout- to use the lower under voltage setting and it simulates fine in LTSpice.

    Biggest issue I'm seeing is when the bottom FET initially turns on, I get a positive spike…

  • ADAS1000 12 lead slave is always busy

    Dear ALL:

    I used ADAS1000 for 12-lead ecg collection, but I encountered a problem in the process of use. I used two ADAS1000 for 12-lead collection. The ecg data was normal at the beginning of the program operation, but after 4 hours of operation, the…

  • LTC2325-12 SDO question?

    Dear sirs:

    The LTC2325-12 timing diagram show the SDOX  first 3 bit was 000, meas is goes low or another?

    best regards


  • 12/14/2021 RF Front End Design for the ADRV9002 Narrow/Wideband Transceiver

    This webcast will focus on design of RF front-end circuitry including RF PAs and LNAs, Tunable Filter, Attenuators, External LO and Power Management that are required to complete a radio design using ADRV9002.
  • RE: 12 Cell Active Balancing LTC3300-1

    First, be sure you have set up the 6-cell configuration in the GUI.  See figure 11 on page 12 of the DC2100B demo manual.  The 6-cell configuration connection is shown in figure 49 on page 36.  Be sure you are referring to the latest revision of the demo…

  • 12/09/2021 USB 2.0 high speed isolated robustly with 2nd Generation USB isolators

    This webcast talks about the features of these USB isolators allowing easy design in for full signal integrity, EMC compliance and proven iCoupler robustness.