• RE: LTC2185 LVDS Encode Drive

    equivalent circuit of encode inputs for LTC2185 show they are hi-Z

    this would mean that the 100ohm termination for the pecl/lvds drivers would need to be placed external to the LTC2185

  • ltc2107 or ltc2185 SPI program




    assign data95[0]=16'b0000_0000_0000_0000;
    assign data95[1]=16'b0000_0000_1000_0000;
    assign data95[2]=16'b00…

  • ltc2107 or ltc2185 SPI program problem

    hi, I am using the LTC2107, I hope to configure the ltc2017 by SPI using FPGA and Verilog. In PCB connecting PAR/SER pin to ground.  

         same verilog code  can be program the AD9510,AD9858,AD9520 except the register number and register content which correspond…

  • Uncompromising Linearity from the LTC2185 and ADA4927-1

    The LTC2185 is a 125Msps 16-bit ADC with excellent noise and linearity performance while only consuming 185mW per channel. It is ideal for demanding low power applications that require excellent AC performance. A high performance ADC like the LTC2185…

  • Clarification of RESET bit behavior for LTC2185 under read operation.

    Page 28, Table 3 of the LTC2185 datasheet (rev 218543f) describes the operation of the RESET bit (A0[7]).

    1 = Software Reset. All Mode Control Registers Are Reset to 00h. The ADC Is Momentarily Placed in SLEEP Mode. This Bit Is
    Automatically Set Back to…

  • 你与实现LTC2185出色的线性度之间只差一个放大器

    今天版主要为大家介绍的是一对具有出色线性度的产品——LTC2185 和 ADA4927-1

    LTC2185 是一款16位、125 MSPS ADC,具有出色的噪声性能和线性度,同时每通道所需功耗仅为185 mW,非常适合要求严苛且需要出色交流性能的低功耗应用。这种性能的 ADC 需要配备高性能放大器,才能以保持其出色性能。ADA4927-1可满足LTC2185的线性度需求,同时功耗仅为215 mW。

    ADA4927是一款高速差动电流反馈型放大器。ADA4927-1 采用 ADI 公司的硅-锗工艺制造…

  • RE: How to connect ADRF6806 to the ADCs

    Here is an article I wrote on the ADA4927 driving the LTC2185 (a 16 bit part).  This might help you with your design.

    Uncompromising Linearity from the LTC2185 and ADA4927-1 

  • RE: 32位ADC芯片的前端设置问题

    让想起前阵子公众号里的那篇“相得益彰,ADC + 驱动器”,不过LTC2185只有16bit。


    LTC2185和ADA4927-1出色的线性度 | 亚德诺半导体

  • RE: Interfacing the Ad9265 board (or any other high speed ADC board) via Matlab or C

    If you can use an LTC2185 (demo board: DC1620 and DC890 controller board) you can use linear lab tools that has source code for Matlab.  Solutions - LinearLabTools 

  • RE: RE: AD8302 phase measurement

    (1) 10 different frequency swap in 200us.( RF is around 200 MHz)

    (2)  please send source codes on this email id bhargenshah4551@gmail.com

    (3) can I use DC1945A(LTC2185) ADC board to acquire the output of AD8302 board?