• LTC2185 LVDS Encode Drive


    I have a question about the Figure 13. below.

    When using LVDS, an external 100 ohm termination resistor is needed?



  • RE: Clarification of RESET bit behavior for LTC2185 under read operation.

    The contents of A0 is write only.  Read in will give unpredictable results.  All of the the other registers can be read.  After a reset all of the registers are reset back to zero.

  • ltc2107 or ltc2185 SPI program




    assign data95[0]=16'b0000_0000_0000_0000;
    assign data95[1]=16'b0000_0000_1000_0000;
    assign data95[2]=16'b00…

  • RE: ltc2107 or ltc2185 SPI program problem

    I don't understand the question. Do you want to use the same code to program two different parts?  The LTC2107 and LTC2185 have different SPI commands and registers. There is some overlap but quite a few of the registers are completely different.  Better…

  • Uncompromising Linearity from the LTC2185 and ADA4927-1

    The LTC2185 is a 125Msps 16-bit ADC with excellent noise and linearity performance while only consuming 185mW per channel. It is ideal for demanding low power applications that require excellent AC performance. A high performance ADC like the LTC2185…

  • 你与实现LTC2185出色的线性度之间只差一个放大器

    今天版主要为大家介绍的是一对具有出色线性度的产品——LTC2185 和 ADA4927-1

    LTC2185 是一款16位、125 MSPS ADC,具有出色的噪声性能和线性度,同时每通道所需功耗仅为185 mW,非常适合要求严苛且需要出色交流性能的低功耗应用。这种性能的 ADC 需要配备高性能放大器,才能以保持其出色性能。ADA4927-1可满足LTC2185的线性度需求,同时功耗仅为215 mW。

    ADA4927是一款高速差动电流反馈型放大器。ADA4927-1 采用 ADI 公司的硅-锗工艺制造…

  • 这种ADC和驱动器组合,可以提供出色的线性度!

    LTC2185是一款16位、125 MSPS ADC,具有出色的噪声性能和线性度,同时每通道所需功耗仅为185 mW。它非常适合要求严苛且需要出色交流性能的低功耗应用。LTC2185等高性能ADC需要配备高性能放大器,以保持其出色性能。ADA4927-1 可满足LTC2185的线性度需求,同时功耗仅为215 mW。采用精心设计封装的ADA4927-1,可减少反馈路径中的寄生电容,从而实现简单布局,提高放大器的相位裕量。这种ADC和驱动器组合可在其他高速放大器无法满足的62.5 MHz至125 MHz区间提供出色的性能…

  • ADC 16bits Sample Rate >= 100SPS; double channel / Synchronization


    I am looking for an AD 16 bits 2 channels 16bits with a minimum sample rate of 100 SPS.

    I find several analog device references like : AD9655 / LTC2195 / LTC2185 / TC2195 / AD9650 / LTC2184 / LTC2194 / AD9268

    I would like to synchronize up to 4 ADC…

  • Solved: DC1945A LVDS issue

    I have a question about the DC1945A Evaluationboard. I use the DC1945A: LTC2185 and LTC6409 COMBO BOARD to interface it with my zynq7000 FPGA. I read the Datasheets about the components in detail but there is an issue, which i can't understand so far.…