• LTC2170-14 1 channel power consumption


    What are the meanings in power consumption when only 1 channel (of 4) is working ?

    LTC2170-14 by power consumption = 162mW (1-Lane Mode, 1.75mA Mode)


  • 关于LTC2170-14输入电压范围


    (For the 2V input range, the inputs should swing from VCM – 0.5V to VCM + 0.5V. There should be a 180° phase difference between the inputs)


  • LTC2170-14 Theta Jb or high-temp part

    Is Theta Jb value for the LTC2170IUKG-14 available?

    We are thermally marginal and need this information.

    Is there a high-temp option for this part available?

  • Driving circuit for LTC2170


    I would like to use LTC2170 ADC to sample analog  differential input (2Vpp, update rate: DC-15Mhz).

    I will use differential amplifier like: ADA4945 to drive the ADC. Can you please help to find an appropriate matching network between the amplifier…

  • RE: LTC2325-14 data readout issue

    Hi Ril,

        apologies for the late response. I think you have given enough CNV high time which means enough acquisition time. According to the datasheet, the conversion data is clocked out on the falling edge of SCK with MSB first.  I just wonder what was…

  • AD824 and AD824AR-14

    AD824ARZ-14-3V appears to be the same part to the AD824ARZ-14 with the advantage that parametric performance at 3V is fully guaranteed. Does this mean that the AD824ARZ-14-3V can work in the entire input voltage range as well as the AD824ARZ-14? Can AD824ARZ…

  • FPGA verilog code for LTM9011-14

    Hello everyone,

    I am working with the LTM9011-14 ADC. I'm currently trying to read the ADC with a Zynq UltraScale+ SOC (Trenz TE0820 board). All lines are connected to HP interfaces. Cable lengths are laid correctly. Is there an example code in verilog…

  • AD8479 Single Supply Common Mode Voltage: Equation vs. Figure 14

    Hi, I am trying to make sure I understand the common mode voltage range for single supply operation with the AD8479.

    Figure 14 has an example with 0 and +5V supplies, and 0 V Vref. The figure seems to show common mode range from 0 V up above 200V.


  • RE: Regarding 14 bit 1 MSPS dual simultaneous channel ADC- AD7367

    Hi Maitry,

        The AD7367 evaluation board can be used as a stand-alone using your FPGA. To power up all the active components on the board, it needs to be powered by 9V wall-wart adapter or connect to a 9V benchtop power supply on J700. The table below…

  • [#4141] usb gadget zero test NO. 14 fails in PIO mode

    [#4141] usb gadget zero test NO. 14 fails in PIO mode

    Submitted By: Vivi Li

    Open Date

    2008-06-03 04:01:05     Close Date

    2009-09-28 02:18:30


    Medium     Assignee:

    Cliff Cai


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    Found In Release:

    2008R1-RC8     Release: