• LTC2157-14, Clock Duty Cycle Stabilizer


    I have a question.

     https://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/21576514fb.pdf , page 5,  "TIMING CHARACTERISTICS", Note8

    "Note 8: Guaranteed by design, not subject to test." is described.

    In the condition…

  • AD9213: How a frame is assembled when using N'=12, N=12, L=12,CS=0?

    Dear Community members,

    We are going to use AD9123 with  Xilinx FPGA.
    The ADC sampling clock frequency is 8GHz.
    The following are link configuration parameters
    LR=10Gbps, L=12, M=1, F=1, S=8, HD=1, N=12, N'=12, CS=0, K=32
    In this case samples will be…

  • LTC2157 2-Tone IM3 at 140MHz?

    What is LTC2157 Two-Tone Input IM3 at 140MHz? 

    I don't see any IM3 info in the datasheet, and I only see one spectral plot with a 2-tone input around 70MHz.

    Are there more 2 tone plots or IM3 versus input frequency data available anywhere?


  • RE: LTC2157-14 conversion errors at 250MHz sampling rate

    What supply are you running the parts on?  How is the thermal design of the board?  Can you increase the supply to 1.9 to see if the error rate changes? Send a layout if possible. 

  • [LTC2672-12] Daisy Chain

    Hi. I have a question about ltc2672-12 daisy chain. Currently, I am trying to control LTC2672 six chips in a daisy chain method using FPGA, and I have a few questions.

    First, in order to control the six chips in a daisy chain method, can I insert 192…

  • 12 bit high speed ADC model


    I'm looking for a high speed 12 bit ADC model similar to AD6645.adc which is a 14bit part, I am running Cadence VSS, the compatible file extension is .adc.



  • AD9106 as 12 bit DC DAC

    Hello everyone, 

    For an engineering project we need fast 12bits DACs with a settle time less than 1us , we first interested in DC DACs features , but maybe in the future we could be interessted in creating particular signal pattern this is why we are interested…

  • LTC2155-12 Power Supplies

    Datasheet states single supply can be used to power both analog and digital supply. Dev. board supplies both from a single LDO and filtered through ferrite beads.

    If a switching regulator is used to generate 1.8V shared with other digital components,…

  • DE9000 VRMS½ and 10/12 are fundamental or total?

    Hello ADI support,

    I'm working with ADE9000 and willing to get  ½ RMS and 10/12 readings from it. In the reference manual page 80 register ACCMODE(0X492) bit SELFREQ(bit 8) description is stating "Use this bit to configure the IC for a 50 Hz or 60 Hz…