• SoM with 14 bits and good NF

    Hello, Im using a ADVR9361-z035. In my aplication i dont get good results with this SoM. Im looking for a SoM Transceiver with 14 bits and a NF table to see. In AD9361 i need to use big gains ( ADC gains of 40 or more) to get a NF in the range of we need…

  • [LTM9006-14]

    The Vcm on My Demo board DC1751 doesn't have output,is it wrong?And what the output type of FR and DCO ?LVDS?

  • 14-bit DTS


    I'm using the DTS 5.1 decoder on an adsp-21469 SHARC processor. When decoding an DTS stream which is in 14-bit format the decoding works just as with 16-bit but with an added high-frequency noise and distortion. I synchronize on the 0xE8001FFF (14…

  • LTC2175-14 EVM


    The EVM for LTC2175-14 supports analog input from 5MHz onwards. I am interested in verifying LTC2175's low frequency performance. Do you have any other EVM with analog front end supporting DC and low frequencies


    Hi Gentleman, 

    Could you please detail LTC2323-14 TDSCKCLKOUT spec?

    Why we do only have a minimum value in the datasheet? is there a spec for Maximum Values or is it related to a variable timing depending on application that cannot be measured?


  • LTC2153-14 CLKOUT


    My customer is planning to employ LTC2153-14. Here are my customer question.

    (I don't have demoboard now. please tell me.)

    Q1)Input CLK signal to ENC PIN after power-on. We would like to know the CLKOUT PIN condition.

    What Is the default condition…

  • ADXL357 DRDY (pin 14)


    I just want to know how is the function of DRDY (pin 14) of ADXL357 when EXT_CLK=1 and EXT_SYNC=01.

    Is its function SYNC input or DRDY output?
    The info in table 14 is a little confusing.

    In comments it says "DRDY (active high) signals that data is…

  • Tcyc of LTC2310-14


    Regarding LTC2310-14 data sheet, Tcyc max is 1msec. Our customer considers that Tconv plus Treadout is about 800nsec. When Tcnvh is close to 1msec, he is warried about Tcyc beyond 1msec. Can LTC2310-14 work at Tcyc > 1msec ? Could you please let me…

  • LTC2170-14 1 channel power consumption


    What are the meanings in power consumption when only 1 channel (of 4) is working ?

    LTC2170-14 by power consumption = 162mW (1-Lane Mode, 1.75mA Mode)


  • LTC2314-14 not working

    LTC2314-14 is not working. Only zeros coming on SPI. I am using STM32L431RBT6 as SPI master at 8MHz.

    I used the following code:


    HAL_SPI_Receive(&hspi1,(uint8_t *)&buf…