• LTC2107 PSRR

    There is no information about the power-supply requirement for the LTC2107 in the datasheet. How does noise from the supply-rail propagate to the signal? As en axample: There may be noise from different channel on the power rail, from the current drawn…

  • Synchronization of multiple LTC2107 ADCs


    I want to use 8 LTC2107 @ 204MSPS with synchronized data sampling.

    Is there any extra requirements for schematic design other than the same sampling clock?

    I noticed that LTC2107 doesn't have other special pins for synchronization.

    best reg…


    There might be better transformers, but this configuration will have 1-2dB of loss.

  • ltc2107 or ltc2185 SPI program




    assign data95[0]=16'b0000_0000_0000_0000;
    assign data95[1]=16'b0000_0000_1000_0000;
    assign data95[2]=16'b00…

  • RE: ltc2107 or ltc2185 SPI program problem

    I don't understand the question. Do you want to use the same code to program two different parts?  The LTC2107 and LTC2185 have different SPI commands and registers. There is some overlap but quite a few of the registers are completely different.  Better…

  • LTC2107 ADC 2-Tone IMD Distortion with PGA = 1 condition

    In datasheet LTC2107 ADC 2-Tone IMD Distortion is given with PGA = 0 condition only, Whereas we need the IMD distortion levels with PGA = 1 condition around frequency 141 to 170MHz input frequency at -7dBFS.

    This is because we need the SFDR spec more…

  • ADA4945 SE-DIFF conversion simulation


    I need to convert a ±4.5V single ended signal to a differential signal for an ADC input (probably the LTC2107). Since the input Signal has a -3dB bandwidth of about 50MHz the ADA4945 in high power mode should be sufficient.

    The Vocm is set to…

  • RE: DC2266A 16-Bit, 210Msps ADC FMC reference design for Zedboard

    Hi Andrei,

    The  LTC2107 is nice bit of silicone, why there are no plans to support it?

    LT  goodies not first class citizens?


  • RE: High speed ADC input frequency range

    Hello Joe,

    Every ADC can sample 0 (DC) to whatever frequency is listed in the datasheet as the highest frequency. Any of the ADCs below will be able to fit your application






  • how do I know if an ADC is suitable for IF sampling, i.e AD9653 or AD9655?

    I have some question on determining the IF sampling capability of ADC's :

    I've checked the ADCs selection table for ADC > 10MSPS

    • some ADC datasheets explicitly mention that the device is suitable for IF sampling, i.e : AD9461, LTC2195, ..…