• Synchronization of multiple LTC2107 ADCs


    I want to use 8 LTC2107 @ 204MSPS with synchronized data sampling.

    Is there any extra requirements for schematic design other than the same sampling clock?

    I noticed that LTC2107 doesn't have other special pins for synchronization.

    best reg…

  • ltc2107 or ltc2185 SPI program




    assign data95[0]=16'b0000_0000_0000_0000;
    assign data95[1]=16'b0000_0000_1000_0000;
    assign data95[2]=16'b00…



    I am planning to use LTC2107 on our boards with ARRIA 10 FPGA. Our Analog Inptu Range is 1.5 MHz to 190 MHz.

    Now, my query is that whether I can use the following circuit for my entire range even though it recommends using from 100M to 250M:- 

  • ltc2107 or ltc2185 SPI program problem

    hi, I am using the LTC2107, I hope to configure the ltc2017 by SPI using FPGA and Verilog. In PCB connecting PAR/SER pin to ground.  

         same verilog code  can be program the AD9510,AD9858,AD9520 except the register number and register content which correspond…

  • LTC2107 ADC 2-Tone IMD Distortion with PGA = 1 condition

    In datasheet LTC2107 ADC 2-Tone IMD Distortion is given with PGA = 0 condition only, Whereas we need the IMD distortion levels with PGA = 1 condition around frequency 141 to 170MHz input frequency at -7dBFS.

    This is because we need the SFDR spec more…

  • RE: DC2266A 16-Bit, 210Msps ADC FMC reference design for Zedboard

    Hi Andrei,

    The  LTC2107 is nice bit of silicone, why there are no plans to support it?

    LT  goodies not first class citizens?


  • RE: High speed ADC input frequency range

    Hello Joe,

    Every ADC can sample 0 (DC) to whatever frequency is listed in the datasheet as the highest frequency. Any of the ADCs below will be able to fit your application






  • how do I know if an ADC is suitable for IF sampling, i.e AD9653 or AD9655?

    I have some question on determining the IF sampling capability of ADC's :

    I've checked the ADCs selection table for ADC > 10MSPS

    • some ADC datasheets explicitly mention that the device is suitable for IF sampling, i.e : AD9461, LTC2195, ..…
  • ADA4945 SE-DIFF conversion simulation


    I need to convert a ±4.5V single ended signal to a differential signal for an ADC input (probably the LTC2107). Since the input Signal has a -3dB bandwidth of about 50MHz the ADA4945 in high power mode should be sufficient.

    The Vocm is set to…