• LTC2063 / LTC2064 Bias Current in LTspice

    Good Morning-

    I'm planning a design to measure small DC currents (~nA) across a shunt, apply some gain with a series of zero-drift amplifiers, and read the voltage output with a DMM. The goal is to reduce the burden voltage introduced in a typical DMM…

  • LTC2063 integrator - drifts to Vcc

    Hi Group,

    I'm working on an integrator circuit, part of which is attached. Instead of a slow drift, the output ramps to Vcc in a minute or so. Also a significant voltage (200mV) is needed to arrest the drift.

    LTC2063 was used because of low offset…

  • RE: ADA4200-1 input voltage

    Can both ADA4523 and LTC2063/4/5 able to used for Vsupply +/-15V?

  • RE: 4.5mA Li-Ion Battery Protection Circuit


    using our selection table with the right filter setttings (VCC,min <=2V, IQ<5uA) delivers three possible options:

    For offset precision I would go…

  • LTC2053 Input Bias Current Distribution


    Is it possible to have the Input Bias Current Distribution of the LTC2053 (i.e. at 25°C 3.3V ) as it is available for the LTC2063 ?

    I'm also interested about the Input Bias Current vs Input Common Mode Voltage in same condition.

    Best r…

  • RE: I have heard that zero-drift amplifiers introduce chopping noise, how can I avoid it?

    Chopping amplifiers are one type of amplifier categorized as zero-drift because of their ability to eliminate DC errors over time and temperature.  This is done internally by modulating the DC errors and low frequency noise up to a high frequency which…

  • RE: LTC2064 High side current sense circuit-Clarification required

    Hi Hari,

    You're welcome! Glad that was helpful.

    Before I answer your questions, I have to correct something - I misspoke when I said the output PMOS was a low-impedance current source, it's actually a high one dynamically, although its Rds,on is…

  • LTC3623 in a current source mode. Output current is floating.

    Dear Sirs,

    Our customer has some issues with LTC3623 while using it in a current source mode. (in a voltage source mode it works fine)

    Please review the attached schematic.

    The problem is that there is no current stabilization while load resistance changing…

  • Wireless Current Sense

    Continuing with our series, Combo Circuits from the Lab, join Kris Lokere as he tells us what exactly makes Wireless Current Sense.

    Measuring the current that flows through a sense resistor seems easy. Amplify the voltage, read it with an ADC, and…

  • RE: LTM8042 ICTL MAX current

    What company do you work for and what's estimated annual usage of LTM8042?

    The 20kΩ resitor mentioned by Adam Toth provides high enough impedance of the CTL pin. You can drive CTL pin directly, then, by applying voltage between approximately 1V and…