• Output circuit LTC2000


    I would like connect board DC2303A-A to spectrum analyzer at two frequencies Fout = 1 MHz and Fout = 500 MHz. What circuits I must connect to Iout to get values from datasheet? Thanks.

  • LTC2000 unused input pins


    I'm considering using an LTC2000-14 in my design. On my FPGA I have not enough LVDS pairs available for all 14 bits so I want to connect only 13 bits and not use the LSB. What do I need to do with these pins on the LTC2000? Leave unconnected, connect…

  • LTC2000 register map


    Can anyone get the picture of ltc2000 register map from LTCDACGen? I have no adapter that's why this menu is inactive. Is it possible to make this menu active without adapter? Thanks.

  • LTC2000A-11 v/s LTC2000 v/s AD9734

    Hello Members,

    I have an application of generating a 340 MHz of IF signal with bandwidth of +/- 80MHz.

    In this regards I compared above three DACs and found that they all can produce the result. But I would like to know from experienced people there take…

  • RE: LTC2000 output spurious

    Oh yea, that will do it.  The larger drive the better.

  • LTC2000 Settling time


    In datasheet settling time = 2,2 ns. How this parameter can be measure? What instruments need to use?

  • LTC2000 Operating Temperature vs Junction temperature


    I assume that the LTC2000's datasheet parameter "Operating Temperature Range" is the ambient temperature. The LTC2000C has an upper limit for this at 70 °C.

    The actual temperature inside the chip depends on the ambient temperature…

  • LTC2000 Measuring LVDS Input Timing Skew


    In datasheet on page 30 described "Measuring LVDS Input Timing Skew".

    For example, to compare DB15P/N to DCKIP/N, first write 0x60 to register 0x18 to set LMX_EN = 1, LMX_ADR = 10000, and LMX_SEL = 0. The signal from DB15P/N will be driven…

  • LTC2000 TSTP/TSTN pin electrical properties


    I want to measure the voltage on LTC2000's TSTP and TSTN pins to read the junction temperature. However, I can't find any data on how these pins behave (other than the voltage swing vs temperature).

    For example, how much can I load the pins…

  • RE: ltc2000-16

    Hi! We are using TC1-1-13MA+ to do the differential to single ended.

    DAC setup:




    Other registers by default.

    For the DAC clock using LMX2582. oscillator 156,25MHz +/- 20 ppm Best regards, Gleb.


    >Re: ltc2000…