• LTC2000 Demo DC2085A-A


    I'm a DFAE in Japan. Our customer is looking for FPGA board to be connecting DC2085A-A. But it seems we cannot buy the Strartix IV GX FPGA board. Is there a board that seems to be easily available? The FPGA brand does not matter.



  • RE: LTC2000 FSADJ speed

    Thank you for your answer. Good to know that this may work. I did consider a multiplying DAC but unfortunately I was not able to find one that fits the requirement for the speed and resolution. The AD5543 comes closest to what I need but it does not match…

  • LTC2000 DAC Clock Driver


    I am FAE in Japanese Distributor.

    Our customer will use LTC2000 at CKP/N=200MHz and DCKIP/N=100MHz

    Figure 13 shows DAC Clock with the LTC6946.

    But RF output frequency of  LTC6946 is from 370MHz to 6.39GHz.

    He thinks to use ADN4650 as  DAC Clock Driver IC…

  • LTC2000 using -16 as alternate for -14

    I have a design for the LTC2000-14 but I have a parts availability issue. If I were to install the LTC2000-16, is that acceptable? The bottom 2 LSBs would be connected to ground per the -14 pinout. If that is not ok, is there some way I can modify my…

  • LTC2000 Compliance Voltage


    A short question regarding the compliance voltage of the LTC2000: is this an absolute voltage of each output or the differential output voltage? The Analog Outputs section under Operations suggests that it's the differential voltage, but the section…

  • The LTC2000-16 output waveform has a slow changing process

    DAC data input:   –32768 and 32767 alternate

    Can anyone tell me what could be the reason for…
  • RE: Pattern Generator of LTC2000

    Thank you very much for your support. Actually the customer evaluate AD9744 instead of LTC2000.

  • LTC2000 3rd order intermodulation


    I have a problem with 3rd order intermodulation in the LTC2000-14.

    The problem is that when I output 2 carriers (sine waves generated in an FPGA) it looks very good when they are spaced a few MHz apart. But when I increase spacing between them to tens…

  • LTC2000 Glitch Impulse


    I'm DFAE in Japan. Our customer is looking for lower glitch impulse than AD9744. How much is the value of LTC2000 that he is interested in? Otherwise we'd like to know how to estimate the value.