• RE: LTC1967 / LTC1968 input common mode voltage setting

    Hi SteveOne:  the data sheets show the effective input impedances of the LTC1966/7/8.  For the LTC1968, it is spec'd as 1.2M Ohm differential.  So that will be the R working into Cc that you can use to calculate the tau.


    Dear Team,

    I need to use LTC1966 for one of my application.

    My input has a DC value of 1.1V and has an ac of 0.355mv.(This is coming from a MEMS Microphone SPV1840LR5H-B  from Knowles).

    May I know how I simulate this circuit in LTSPICE. I don't know for…

  • RE: LTSpice simulation not matching Reference Design

    Hi Hbert, I don't support the LT1966 but have used it in the past. First problem is your VOUT and OUTRTN are swapped. But even after swapping... it still didn't work. 

    This family of parts can be a bit tricky, and LTspice may not accurately all…