• LTC1871 - Can I simulation AC analysis in LTSpice?

    I would like to design a power supply with LTC1871 and my question is can I simulation AC analysis in LTSpice with this IC?

    Best regards
    Adam Toth

  • Instability on Flyback converter using LTC1871


    We are using the LTC1871 on a Flyback converter design.

    On some boards, we are facing an instability generating audible noise trhu the transformer.

    The measures on the switching MosFET shows abnormal jitter.

    What can be the origin of this jitter…

  • Compensator circuit of LTC1871 and LTC3704

    I plan to use LTC1871 and LTC3704, but unfortunately these regulators are not supported by LTpowerCAD. The reference manuals of these regulators are quite detailed to make quantity of FET, diode, impedances and boost capacitor, but I did not find any…

  • RE: Thermal  runaway of LTC1871.

    What is your input voltage range, output voltage and maximum output current?

    Also, what was your load current and input voltage when you observed high current?



  • RE: LTC3803 soft start issue

    HI Gperica

    thanks for your prompt reply.  My application is an isolated power supply but I used a Aux winding for FB

    I checked the reference schematicn of  LTC1871 with external SS and ran a simple simulation(added the circuit at the output of the Aux winding…

  • LTC1871重载时PWM占空比不连续


  • ADF4360-7 Evaluation Board Software for Windows 7


    I tried to install the ADF4360_V301 and also ADF4360_v2_0 on windows 7 32-Bit.

    both of them failed to run:

    V2_0 showed Run-time error '53': File not found: parllio

    I guess the printer port for the serial connection can not be initialized…

  • ADF4360-7.

    HI, I am using several of the Eval boards for ADF4360-7. I use the Eval software. I have never gotten a lock light after trying several different frequencies including the center of 900Mhz. I notice I do get a full power output after selecting "Mute until…

  • AD9697 and Kintex 7 SYNC problem

    I have AD9697, Kintex 7 and AD9528 for clocking. AD9528 works with SI570 (100 MHz base).

    AD9528 gives me 2 clocks 1200 MHz (OUT0 and OUT 13) for ADC and FPGA.

    Alsow AD9528 gives m2  2 clocks 120 MHz (OUT2 and OUT 3) for ADC and FPGA for SYS_REF. Additional clk…

  • SCOPY Freezes on Windows 7

    I received my ADALM on 11/2/2018, downloaded the Windows drivers and SCOPY.  I connect to the ADALM via SCOPY and able to run the oscilloscope for about 1 min before SCOPY "freezes" (Windows Not Responding).

    Anyone else have this experience?