• RE: Interfacing DC682A (Demo Board for the LTC1859) with Arduino Mega

    Yes, ground channels 1-7 if they are not being used.

    Vref drives the REFCOMP buffer (See Figure 3 of the LTC1859 data sheet), so it should not be grounded.

    Is the input voltage on CH0 and COM referred to the DC682A ground? If not the voltage may be floating…

  • LTC1859 default INPUT DATA WORD

    Dear Sirs

    What is the default value of "INPUT DATA WORD"?

    I do not see the value on datasheet of LTC1859.



  • LTC1859 DC performance result

    Hi ADI Expert,

    I need your help to clear of LTC1859 some questions from datasheet.

    According to the datasheet page13, Figure 5. Histogram for 4096 conversions. The DC PERFORMANCE result is tested by internal Vref 2.5V or external Vref?

    I saw AVDD and…

  • LTC1859 drive by STM32 microcontroller


    i am using stm32L475 trying to drive LTC1859 by SPI interface.


    SPI2_Handler.Instance = SPI2; 
    SPI2_Handler.Init.Mode = SPI_MODE_MASTER; 
    SPI2_Handler.Init.Direction = SPI_DIRECTION_2LINES; 
    SPI2_Handler.Init.DataSize = SPI_DATASIZE_8BIT; 

  • LTC1859 erratic data

    We are using an LTC1859CG#PBF  analog to digital converter in one of our power supply assemblies (102303) .  On one data code (1926) we see erratic output data form several channels that makes our calibration of the power supply impossible.  As soon as we…

  • LTC1859 interfacing with STM32 Microcontroller


    I am using STM32F401RE microcontroller board and trying to interface LTC1859 with it. I am using STM32CUBEMX to generate code with following parameters for SPI:

    Data size : 8 bits

    Prescaler : 8

    Clock Frequency : Changed from 84 MHz (default…

  • The default ADC input range of LTC1859 ?

    Hi Sirs

    We need to know what is the default ADC input range of LTC1859?



  • LTC1859+STM32 SPI驱动

  • LTC1859 Interfacing with Arduino Due in Bipolar Range


    I am using Arduino Due board and trying to interface LTC1859 with it. 

    Physical Connections are as follows:


    AVDD, DVDD : Connected to 5V through 10uF (electrolytic) and 0.1uF (Ceramic) capacitor

    OVDD : Connected to 3.3V through 10uF (elec…

  • RE: LTC1856 configuring and reading back differential channels

    If you go to the LTC1859 landing page on the analog devices website Search | Analog Devices 

    you will see example code using the Linduino. The Linduino is Analog Devices version of the Arduino Uno.