• LTC1760 pull-up level consultation

    Hello, I have a project that uses LTC1760 to charge, the fuel gauge is BQ40Z50R1, I would like to inquire whether the pull-up level can use 3.3V pull-up. Also, the low level of the LTC1760 is 0.8V. Will it be risky to pull it too low?

  • LTC1760 not charging undervoltage protected smart batteries


    I'm using the LTC1760IFW in a product that has one or two Li-Ion battery packs (4 cells in series) with integrated BMS that communicates with the LTC1760.

    All is working as expected (the power path, communication of an external µP with the…

  • LTC1760 sequential charge and discharge


    I am currently have a LTC1760 based design to manage two batteries.

    I am using two batteries with different capacities so parallel charging discharing algorithm is not optimized for my application.

    Is there a way to control LTC1760 so I can decide…

  • LTC1760 not able to charge smart battery


    We have used LTC1760 for charging the smart batteries. In our schematics MODE is connected to VCC. When we apply VDDS (3.3V in our case) the LTC1760 is able to communicate with smart battery (Checked the SDA and SCL lines in scope).

    When AC is present…

  • Ltc1760 startup exception

    My ltc1760 encountered a problem. When I started, I heard an abnormal scream of inductance. Check the waveform of SW point, as shown in Figure 2. The normal waveform is as shown in Figure 1. I want to inquire whether to connect 200K resistance to the…

  • RE: LTC1760 without safety signals

    Just to clarify, does one of the two 300 ohm "thermistors" connect between the "BAT1" node and the node between the TH1A & TH1B resistors, and the other 300 ohm "thermistor" between the "BAT2" node and the node…

  • RE: LTC1760 LOPWR trip

    Hi Zack,

    Sorry for the very long delay in following up. We had implemented this circuit in the schematic but had never connected V_B1 and V_B2 to the PFETs. I have connected these to the drain of the respective PFETs shown in the schematic I attached and…
  • LTC1760 : How to reset LTC1760 using GPIO

    Hello There,

    We are using LTC1760 in our design and some times when we are facing some issue that LTC1760 goes to an unknown state where we are not able to boot the system. Can anyone please let me know how to reset the LTC1760 using some external circuit…

  • LTC1760 Wake Up Function


    I have questions about LTC1760 Wake Up Function.

    1. If the wake up path from Vcc thru dual diode to BAT1/2?

    2. If it is right, the wake up voltage is 5.2V?

    3. if the battery SMbus is not working with LTC1760, will the wake up function exist?

    4. What…

  • LTC1760 SafetySignal timing characteristics


    I am designing a system with two removable smart batteries and I am concerned about preventing arcing when hot-swapping one of the batteries. I gather from the datasheet that LTC1760 cuts off the battery's output switch when its thermistor connection…