• ADV7611 with RGB 8:8:8  8bit output


    using ADV7611 with 8-bit YCbCr BT656 mode VID_STD=0x8, PRIM_MODE_GRAPHICS, 60Hz, OP_FORMAT_SEL=0   I can receive 640x480 progres 60Hz video.

    I would like to increase color depth received by uC from present 16bits to 24bits.

    It could be done by receiving…

  • is there any IC convert CVBS -> RGB24(8:8:8) but in LQFP or FQFP

    Is there any IC, that can convert CVBS -> RGB24(8:8:8).

    But in LQFP or, FQFP Package.

    Unfortunately I can not work with BGA :-(

  • ADV7611  Scripts for HDMI input -> ADV7611 -> RGB 8:8:8 (24 bit SDR 444 Mode 0)


    i'm using ADV7611 for Hdmi input, RGB 888 output.

    i have some question.

    Q1. I was send to ADV7611 {0x98, 0xFF, 0x80 } for reset i2C. but i can't receive ack from ADV7611.

        other setting, received.. why ??

    Q2. my configuration this.. is…

  • 电子电路百科全书6-8/8


  • Data bus through AMI (lower 8 bits acting differently than the upper 8 bits)


    We have connected a parallel digital to analog converter to the data bus and we are using the AMI to access it. Our AMI setup is as follows:

    *pAMICTL3 = ( AMIEN | BW16 | PKDIS | WS5 | HC2 | AMIFLSH | PREDIS);

    We have noticed that the lower 8 bits…

  • AD7124-8用于8路热电偶测温时,温度跳变。


  • AD9364 TX FASTLOCK LO Switching for more than 8 frequencies


    I am using AD 9364 no-os API to configure the TX LO fastlock switching mode. For a less than 8 number of  frequency, i am able to configure successfully using store and recall apis but not able to configure properly for more than 8 frequencies.…

  • LTC4162-L 8-cell Li-Ion and maximum input voltage


    we use the LTC4162 battery charger in several projects, both with Lead-acid batteries and with Li-ion batteries.
    We would like to use it also in a new project with a 8-cells Li-ion battery pack.

    My concerns regards the full-charge battery voltage…

  • ADF4360-8 spurs at half output frequency

    I am using the ADF4360-8 to as an input to my IQ receiver which divides the vco frequency by 2. I use a reference frequency of 19.2MHz, an Fpfd of 50kHz and tune the VCO to 300.050MHz (count 6001) and I get these spurs on my ground at 150.000MHz and 150…