• AD9914 unlock under +85℃

    Hi,our customer found that AD9914 usually work well and unlock under +85℃.Can you help to analyze reason?

  • 1280х1024 @ 85 Hz for ADV7441A

    Datasheet contents information about vertical lock range. It is limited by 70 Hz. But maximum sample rate is 170 MHz. Could ADV7441A support resolutions (from RGB source) up to 1280х1024 @ 85 Hz?

  • ADG719 power consumption at +85 deg. C??

    Hi there

    Datasheet of ADG719 (p. 4) does not give any indication regarding Idd at high temperatures (e.g. 85 deg C) or maximum rating over operating temperature range. Only value at room temperature is given. Could this be specified?

    Many thanks.

  • RGB analog to digital conversion from -40 to +85

    Hi Folks,

    I've got a customer who wants to do 8 bit A-D conversion on an RGB channel. His ideal part would be if the AD9984A was spec'd to run at -40 to +85 deg C. We have some parts that do this, although many of them are overkill with HDMI interfaces…

  • RE: icc COREB: execption 2b addr ff700be8

    Hi Steven,

    I don't see where vBootTask is created twice. What make you think that?

    there is 2 task that seem created: prvIdleTask and vBootTask. Could you point me where you see that vBootTask is called several time?

    If you look at where the context…

  • RE: What is RTH of HMC505 ?

    Yes, you can think of it this way. If we place the HMC505 on a thermal plate with the ground paddle making intimate contact with the surface of the plate but we do NOT turn on the HMC505; all junctions inside the package will reach a temperature that…

  • How does the AD9649's input referred noise vary over the -40 to 85�C temperature range?

    How does the AD9649's input referred noise vary over the -40 to 85°C
    temperature range?


    Input referred noise is kT/C thermal noise and thus will vary as the square
    root of the temperature in degrees K.  The input referred noise…
  • RE: How does ADM693 shift the watchdog-timeout to?

    Hi Kaos,

    I have done some bench testing on ADM693  and here are the results:


    Temp (DegC) VCC(V) WD Timeout (s)
    -40 4.5 1.36
    -40 5 1.06
    -40 5.5
  • RE: ADM3311 Junction temp

    Hi Reinhard,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I see what you mean this device supports up to +85 °C.

    I know there is no way to reach 150℃ as long as Ta is less than 85℃

    But I need to konow device TJ we intend to use .

    I found some devices like OP07, Tj is…

  • Reliability of HMC745LC3 device at temp change.

    Hello, I'm Daniel.
    I am making PCB board using HMC745LC3 XOR device.
    The test environment using the PCB has a temperature change. (85& -5 Degrees)

    I am wondering the reliability of the HMC745 device due to temperature changes.
    For example, if you…