• LTC1668 very low gain above around 1.5MHz


    I am using LTC1668 for a DDS. The Fclock is set to 50MHz. As digital data in, I am sending a sine wave created by a processor running inside an FPGA. The circuit uses a differential I to V converter as specified in the data sheet figure 16. I am…

  • LTC1668 DNL and monotonicity temperature dependency

    I'm a DFAE in Japan.

    In the datasheet, DNL and Monotonicity are defined only for Ta=25degree.

    My customer asked me what are temperature dependencies for them.

    Would you inform them to him?

  • About the SFDR and THD specification of AD3551R and LTC1668


    We find a new DAC of ADI, AD3551R. This might be the right product for our bio-instruments. We would like to generate a tone with high precision (THD>90dB) within the 1KHz to 1.2MHz frequency range, with high precision, high speed and low temperature…

  • LTC1668 Regarding code vs. current value

    Hi, let me ask you a question about LTC1668

    Equation (6) on page 12 of the data sheet is as follows.

    IOUT A = IOUTFS • (DAC Code / 65536) (6)

    However, equations (6) from Fig. 3 on page 13 are approximate equations

    and are strictly exact.:IOUTFS …

  • LTC1668 Power on reset


    Does anyone know what  the output current of the LTC1668 DAC is after a power cycle? 

    I can't find it anywhere in the datasheet.

  • LTC1666/LTC1667/LTC1668 Power on reset value?

    I designed a board using an LT1666 and I am wondering which value does the DAC holds at startup.

    It seems to me that is powers up at 0xFFFF.

    The datasheet is lacking this information.


  • RE: LTC1668 Gain Error

    That looks about right.  I hadn't re-visited this since the last previous post.

    The relevant section of the datasheet (for the benefit of anyone reading the thread and assessing LTC1668 performance) is figure 3 and the "LADCOM" description beneath…

  • 官网下的 LTC1668评估板 2459A的PCB文件打不开


    我目前用LTC1668 DAC芯片做信号发生器,已购买了官方的DC2459A-A评估套件。 在官网上下载到的设计文件(Design Files)里面的 PCB文件,我用版本为Altium Designer 13.1.2 软件打不开。

  • LTC1668 Gain Problem



    I want to use a LTC1668 to generate a voltage of ±10V - see attached schematic.

    The problem is, that I only get about ±9,1V out of the circuit. I checked supply voltages, Reference, and Resistot values - everything OK. Then i soldered…

  • LTC1668 - COMP1 & COMP2

    The LTC1668 is a 16-bit, 50Msps differential current output DAC.

    The datasheet say that the COMP1 pin and COMP2 pin should be bypassed to VSS (-5V) with 0.1µF.

    COMP1 is for Current Source Control Amplifier Compensation, and COMP2 is for Internal…