• RE: LTC1668 Regarding code vs. current value

    CM stands for common mode.  So in the LTC2000 there is a common mode current that is present.  There will be a common more component for the LTC1668 as well. 

  • LTC1668 Power on reset


    Does anyone know what  the output current of the LTC1668 DAC is after a power cycle? 

    I can't find it anywhere in the datasheet.

  • LTC1668 Gain Error

    In a circuit with a LTC1668 driving a differential buffer stage, and using precision (0.1%) resistors, I'm seeing an output gain error of -4% (there's small variation from unit to unit, but the error is always close to -4%).  I've seen the same…

  • LTC1668 - COMP1 & COMP2

    The LTC1668 is a 16-bit, 50Msps differential current output DAC.

    The datasheet say that the COMP1 pin and COMP2 pin should be bypassed to VSS (-5V) with 0.1µF.

    COMP1 is for Current Source Control Amplifier Compensation, and COMP2 is for Internal…

  • LTC1668 Gain Problem



    I want to use a LTC1668 to generate a voltage of ±10V - see attached schematic.

    The problem is, that I only get about ±9,1V out of the circuit. I checked supply voltages, Reference, and Resistot values - everything OK. Then i soldered…

  • LTC1666/LTC1667/LTC1668 Power on reset value?

    I designed a board using an LT1666 and I am wondering which value does the DAC holds at startup.

    It seems to me that is powers up at 0xFFFF.

    The datasheet is lacking this information.


  • Question about the square-wave output with LTC1668

    A square-wave of 92kHz will be created with LTC1668. the circuit is shown below.

    Its CLK pin and I/O pins are connected with a FPGA chip.  Its clock is 20MHz. The input to I/O is switched between oxFFFF and ox0000 with  92kHz..

    The signal between A (or…

  • 想请问下AD9744和LTC1668之间的优劣对比




  • 官网下的 LTC1668评估板 2459A的PCB文件打不开


    我目前用LTC1668 DAC芯片做信号发生器,已购买了官方的DC2459A-A评估套件。 在官网上下载到的设计文件(Design Files)里面的 PCB文件,我用版本为Altium Designer 13.1.2 软件打不开。