• RE: LTC1569-6

    If the LTC1569-6 has an external clock then the Rx pin 6 is shorted to V+ and stopping the external clock makes the DC offset increase unpredictable. Changing the external clock to set the LTC1569-6 cutoff frequency will keep the DC offset variation at…

  • RE: LTC1569


    There are two LTC1569, LTC1569-7 and LTC1569-6. The data sheet for each IC lists the typical clock feedthrough for Vs=3V. The clock feedthrough for self-clocking at  Vs=3V for the LTC1569-7 and LTC1569-6 is 0.4VRMS and 0.1VRMS respectively. The clock…

  • LTC1569-7  Non-aliasing phenomenon的非混叠现象

    LTC1569-7 shows half of the amplitude of the input signal at 8 times the cutoff frequency. 
    What is the reason?


  • ADP2127: Recommended footprint for 6-Pad Embedded Wafer Level Package [EWLP] (CN-6-1)


    Is there any recommended footprint from Analog Devices which I could use to generate footprint (in PADS Layout) for ADP2127ACNZ1.260R7 (6-Pad Embedded Wafer Level Package [EWLP], CN-6-1 package)?




  • A replacement for HMC625 (0.5 dB LSB GaAs MMIC 6-BIT DIGITAL VARIABLE GAIN AMPLIFIER, DC - 6 GHz)


    Can anyone recommend a good replacement for this chip? I can accept layout changes, I just want similar performance.


    I'd welcome pushing the upper frequency up to 7GHz or higher…

  • ADA4420-6

    I am looking for a video filter IC for VGA 1280x1024 @ 60 Hz signal, can i use ADA4420-6 IC for this application, please let me know

  • LTC3862-1 in 6 Phase Application

    Hi, I want to design Vin:20-31 V and Vout:270 V Pout=8 kW, 6-Phase Boost Converter. But I have lots of problem related design. Firsty, The design is not run available. INTVc pin is below 10 V. And 3,4,5 and 6th phase is not running correctly. Iam sharing…

  • ADA6610-6 OUPUT

    I'm considering adoption of "ADA4410-6".
    How should I do the output terminal which isn't used?
    Is it OPEN? Is it terminated 75 Ω?
    If there are more good ways, please tell me.

  • How to connect the WDT pin of ltc3300 balanced 6 batteries

    Hi Sir/Mdm,

    I want to use ltc3300 to balance 6 batteries. How to connect WDT pins?

    I've read the datasheet and the reference circuit, but that's balancing 12 batteries.

    If only one ltc3300 is used to balance 6 batteries. Is it possible to connect…