• LTC3108-1


    We are working on PoC based on LTC3108-1. We wish add a LED for visual monitoring, LTC3108 is not able to supply a suffisient current to drive the LED.

    Could we use C2 input for drive an external Mosfet (low Qg) ?



  • RE: .file_attr 1="1";

    Hi Gideon,

    Sorry for the delay in responding.

    The cause of the problem is "-file-attr CORE0" and "-DCORE0" both being included on the compiler command-line. Could you delete CORE0 from the "Additional attributes" in Tools Settings > CrossCore Blackfin…

  • LTC2942-1


    The Sense+ pin is connected to both Charger and Load. So,I would like to know how the LTC2942 could determine the operation mode between charge and discharge.


  • RE: ltc2159i+ada4932-1



  • ad8627 NC pin 1


    I want to run a guard trace around the inverting input (pin 2) of the AD8627ARZ (SOIC package). The guard trace is connected to ground, same as noninverting input (pin 3). Is it possible to run the guard trace thru pin 1 which is a no connect (NC…

  • RE: ltc2159i+ada4932-1

    Figure 7 in the datasheet shows how to AC couple into the LTC2159.  

  • PGA for AD7768-1


    I have to measure +/-10V single ended signals up to 200kHz with the AD7768-1 (24bit resolution, 512ksps).

    Now, my customer asks for a PGA with gain = 1, 2 and 4.

    Which signal conditoning solution do you suggest that maintains the noise and distortion…

  • LTC6811-1 Turning ON MOSFETs


    I am trying to operate LTC6811-1 Battery monitoring IC with STM32F3 Microcontroller. I want to turn OFF a particular MOSFET in the cell balancing system in DC2259A  through SPI communication . What is the instruction algorithm /  frame format  for controlling…

  • Bidirectional switch with LTC7000-1

    Dear community,

    I would like to design a bidirectional switch allowing current to flow in both directions, like a relay. I want the solution to control MOSFET's power dissipation in order to stay in their SOA. The voltage will be 15V min, 55V nominal…

  • ad7768-1


    I want to use the AD7768-1 with 5V AVDD1 = Vref and 3,3V VDDIO.
    In demo-circuits the AVDD2 is connected to probably noisy VDDIO!
    Wouldn't it be better to supply AVDD2 from 5V over a R-C-Filter, that would lower the voltage to around 3V?