• LTC1540


    I'm trying a circuit with the LTC1540. When I choose 1 Meg ohm for the R4 resistor shown below, the current value is 1.3 uA. But for the zener here, the Iz current is at the nanoampere level.  Despite this, the zener is not fully operational. 


  • LTC1540 rf field sensor

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    In the LTC1540, there is an interesting RF field detection circuit at the end of the datasheet, has anybody tried it, and if possible what was the rf sensitivity achieved with your setup (dBm)?

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  • RE: EVAL-CN0536-ARDZ comparator confusion

    Thank you for the answer.

    If Figure 15 is correct and the input of the LTC1441 is supposed to be the same as V_REF of LTC1540, then I do not quite understand why the HYST input of the LTC1540 is taken between R12 and R13. When C13 is charged, V_HYS=V_REF…

  • RE: LTC4367 / LTC4359 ORING

    A diode in series with 8.2MΩ would protect IN+. If the input receives a reverse voltage, no current would flow through the divider. The 1MΩ would act as a pull-down to ground for IN+. The resistor values of the divider would have to be adjusted to compensate…

  • RE: How to realize the UVLO hysteresis window similar to the LTC3588-1?


    See LTC1540, it is a micropower comparator with an integrated reference voltage, so you do not need to provide the reference.



  • RE: LTC4162-L

    I used a LTC1540 for my solution too. It's a great part: it doesn't draw much power and the voltage divider resistors can be very high impedance. It works as you show if the battery is < 11V. Since my battery is higher voltage, I had to crudely regulate…