• RE: LT1460KCS3-3.3#PBFG

    Hi 4source,

    Apologies for the delayed response. PBFG is not a valid suffix for the LT1460 family. The LT1460 product page has all the valid part numbers listed in the ordering guide under the Sample and Buy section here .



  • LT1963AES8-3.3

          我在LT1963AES8-3.3使用时遇到如下问题:目的是通过STM32L475 MCU的I/O口(PSW_1)控制LT1963AES8-3.3的SHUT 管脚来控制LT1963AES8-3.3的输出。PSW_1配置为开漏输出,内部无上拉,外部接1M的上拉电阻。当PSW_1 为1时,LT1963AES8-3.3输出3.3V ,正常。当PSW_1 为0时,LT1963AES8-3.3输出不是0V,而是1.4V,找不到原因。
  • LT1963AES8-3.3


            我在使用LTLT1963AES8-3.3芯片时,遇到如下问题。电路的目的是通过STM32 MCU单片机的I/O控制LTLT1963AES8-3.3的SHUT 管脚,STM32 MCU单片机的I/O (PSW_1)配置成开漏输出,内部无上拉,外部接1M的上拉电阻,当PSW_1为1时,可输出LTLT1963AES8-3.3可输出3.3V电平,当PSW_1为0时,LTLT1963AES8-3.3可输出不是0V,而是1.4V,找不到原因。请帮分析下,电路图如下:

  • LT1761IS5-3.3#PBF


    we are using this part for one of our RTC charging section Vbat is 12V when the LDO is charging the RTC capacitor during PowerUp and then a  75-ohm load  Resistor is added Parallel to LDO o/p  Manually. We are seeing a voltage dip across the LDO o/p it…

  • RE: Crash in SigmaStudio 3.3

    This question has been assumed as answered either offline via email or with a multi-part answer. This question has now been closed out. If you have an inquiry related to this topic please post a new question in the applicable product forum.

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  • trouble using LT3066EMSE-3.3

    I try to use fixed 3.3V variant of LT3066. More precisely: LT3066EMSE-3.3 and somehow I get Vin to Vout.

    My schematics is as follows:

    Can you tell what is wrong with current schematics that I get 12V on OUT_1 and OUT_2 pins if I connect 12 V to IN_1…

  • SigmaStudio 3.3 Installation Issues

    After running the installer as admin and selecting "Install for everyone" I get the following error when attempting to start SigmaStudio as a non-administrative user from either the desktop or start menu shortcut:

    Error 1001: Exception occurred…

  • RE: SigmaStudio 3.3 Released

    Any idea about the scheduling for a bug fixed release of SigmaStudio ?

  • Sigma 3.3 Promise... broken?

    I could have sworn someone promised that in Sigma 3.3 the on-screen connection wires would stay put when importing a hirearchy board into a design.  When creating a circuit, especially a complex one in which you must use "Insert Point" to keep routes clear…

  • 关于ADP7104-3.3

        用ADP7104-3.3做了一个稳压器,输入5V,输出3.3V。正常工作时候电流约为70mA。输出端并了三个电容:一个3528 10V 100uF的钽电容(靠近输出引脚)、一个0603 1uF 陶瓷电容、一个0603 1nF的陶瓷电容。