• Running LTC1407-1 @ 1.536 MSps

    I know the LTC1407-1 is fully specified up to the maximum throughput/channel of 1.5 MSps. Would there be any drawback in performance if it were pushed to 1.536 MSps? 

  • LTC1407 communication format


    I'm using an LTC1407-1 in my prototype. The specs say the frame length is at least 32, typically 34-bits wide.

    Based on the drawings, I figured out how to communicate with the part in 34-bit  mode, it works correctly.

    But it is extremely unclear…

  • LTC1407 driver + OP AMP

    Hello everyone,

    I would like to ask you for my new ADC design: LTC1407

    I have a requirement of 500kHz BW with 100dB gain. I would like to have differential input and output.

    DS provides an OP amplifier as a suitable driver. However, I need to fullfill…

  • .file_attr 1="1";

    Building a project imported from CCES 1.1.0 to 2.3.0 I get this error:

    [Error ea5004] "C:\Users\G\AppData\Local\Temp\acc3554de5a000\acc3554de5a001.s":659 Syntax Error in :
    .file_attr 1="1";
    syntax error is at or near text '1'.…

  • AD9523-1  Can I precisely adjust output clock frequency with AD9523-1 (EVAL-AD9523-1)?


    I would like to inquire if it is possible to achieve precise frequency control with EVALZ - AD9531-1? I'm interested in generating a clock signal that is a multiple of femtosecond laser output pulse rate, which can be something close to 80…

  • Arduino UNO and ADXL345 getting 0 0 0 OR -1 -1 -1 outputs with SPI communication

    I have EVAL-ADXL345Z evaluation board from Analog Device hooked up to the Arduino UNO R3, the code complies and runs fine. At first I could still get…

  • ADATE305 VDDO_0/1, VSSO_0/1 termination


    In case that VDDO_0 (pin 83), VDDO_1 (pin 93), VSSO_0 (pin 81) and VSSO_1 (pin 95) is unused, what termination is required?

    Best Regards,

  • HMC666_using IF pin without 1:1 transformer

    Hello Team.

    1:1 transformer applied in IF pin is expensive.

    so we want to use without transformer.

    is it possible that?

    Can you support solutions?


    Best regards,


  • RE: LTC3300-1 Erase Schematic

    Hi Damon,

    This is ok now.

    Please clear your browser cache. If you search for MMBZ27CD in Google Search, result will redirect to ez.analog.com and PDF is no longer downloadable.

  • RE: LTC3721-1


                  We have no radiation data on this part, so I can’t comment on how susceptible LTC3721 is to radiation.

    It is fabrication on 2um CMOS process, and TID radiation is know to shift Vt, but we have no way of quantifying behaviour without testing…