• ADUM4121-1

    Can ADUM4121-1 gate drive handle 100% duty cycle?

  • AD7988 - 1

    Good afternoon....

    I currently am using the above subject successfully in a design.  The power supplies are as follows: Vref = 2.5V, VDD = 2.5V and VIO = 2.7V - 3.6V.  Moving forward I would like to re-route the analog supply, VDD to track with VIO.  Can…

  • ADF7030-1

    Dear Sir,

    How to test the receiver sensitivity in ADF7030-1 eval board?

  • LTC3115-1


    In the process of using LTC3115-1, the PWM/SYNC pin is always burned, connecting to ground of the system, and the output voltage is zero. The peripheral circuit is…

  • AD7864-1



    I have a question about AD7864BSZ-1REEL.

    ① In data sheet P1
    "Selection Input Range: ± 10 V, ± 5 V for AD7864 - 1"
    Although there is description, please tell me how to select the range
    * Currently it is used in the ± 5 V range, but when using…

  • AD9523-1

    I am using AD9523-1 in my design.  I am giving 125 MHz clock  to the  OSC_IN#  and 50MHz I/P to the REF A .

    PD# = '1'






    SYNC# = '1…

  • LTC2858-1


    I have a question LTC2858-1.

    When an error occurred, the DMX signal was acquired. When an error occurred, it was confirmed that all three types of signals were about 3 μs wide.

    When the abnormality occurs, the timing is maintained and the 'L…

  • Subgroup 1

    Subgroup 1 template
  • ADA4700-1

    what is the common mode voltage for ADA4700-1; and also please let us know any op-amp is having Vcm +/- 300V with single ended impedance of > 1M  ohms