• AD9361 reg 6/7


    I am trying to understand the effects of the bit fields in registers 6 and 7 for the AD9361 device. In other words, the reference manual says that when both of these bit fields are equal the data and clock signals are lined up. What is the purpose…

  • Band selection in ADF4360-7

    In my application, I need the band selected by the ADF4360-7 to be consistent.  Right now I see many boards where the loop is bi-stable - one with a control voltage of 1.2V and the other with a control voltage of 2.5V as I reprogram the device to the same…

  • Ad4360-7 phase noise

    Dear sir ,

    I want to use Ad4360-7 fo generate a local oscillator at 1500Mhz for a gps rx. Ad4360-7 draws about 37mA at 3.3 v  about 100mW, but the phase noise is poor. Ad3450 is much better but it draws over 500mW. Far too  much for my restrictions. Could…

  • AD9361 Artix-7 drivers


    Can you give some information of Artix-7 AD9361 API Drivers.



  • An issue about ADF4360-7

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I  want to get a delayed 1.5GHz signal by  below solution. Delay the 10MHz input  signal of ADF4360-7 , and then get the delayed 1.5GHz signal at the output. however, I note that there is a delay unit in  ADF4360-7, and I wonder whether or…

  • AD7366/7 AGND & DGND

    Dear all,

    If the hardware that we will be working on only have one GND, can the AGND and DGND be shorted together? Or it should have separate ground panels? Will there be any issues if its combined? 

    Thank you.

  • Linking error on windows 7.


    I have been developing a BF537 project for the past year on a Windows 7 64 bit laptop. I have had to move to a new laptop also running Windows 7 64 bit.

    Now that I have Visual DSP++ up and running on the new laptop I get the following linking error…

  • issues with AD9910 on Windows 7


    We are trying to use an AD9910 board in  our lab. We successfully tried the board on a 32 bit XP machine running the version 1.0.1 evaluation software. However we want to use the AD9910 on a 64-bit computer with windows 7 pro. I tried both the…

  • bulkadi.sys driver and Windows 7

    someone posted a similar comment in relation to another topic but it didnt appear to be answered. I have the same problem.

    My new laptop has Windows7 and it works with VisualDsp 5.0 + update 7. I was also able to connect with my HPUSB-ICE emulator.  However…

  • ADF4360-7 VCO drift

    I am looking for the drift of the VCO  in the ADF4360-7.  I understand that the output of the VCO is ± 3 dB Typ over the full temperature range is discussed here:


    I am looking for how the frequency changes with…