• ADF4360-7 vtune


    I am currently using the ADF4360-7 as a programable signal source.

    Is it possible to use the ADF4360-7 first to specify the frequency range by programming the device and afterwards as a VCO in a feed back loop externally modifying vtune?

    Is this…

  • ADF4360-7 Schematic


    We are designing custom PCB for ADF4360-7BCPZ Integrated Synthesizer and VCO. At Vvco, AVDD and DVDD we will supply 3.3V using our own regulator (VR1 in schematic) and we are using 27MHz clock crystal for REF IN pin.

    Our band of work is 460 to…

  • AD9361 reg 6/7


    I am trying to understand the effects of the bit fields in registers 6 and 7 for the AD9361 device. In other words, the reference manual says that when both of these bit fields are equal the data and clock signals are lined up. What is the purpose…

  • Ad4360-7 phase noise

    Dear sir ,

    I want to use Ad4360-7 fo generate a local oscillator at 1500Mhz for a gps rx. Ad4360-7 draws about 37mA at 3.3 v  about 100mW, but the phase noise is poor. Ad3450 is much better but it draws over 500mW. Far too  much for my restrictions. Could…

  • AD9361 Artix-7 drivers


    Can you give some information of Artix-7 AD9361 API Drivers.



  • ADF4360-7 VCO drift

    I am looking for the drift of the VCO  in the ADF4360-7.  I understand that the output of the VCO is ± 3 dB Typ over the full temperature range is discussed here:


    I am looking for how the frequency changes with…

  • ADF4360-7 Not locking


    I have a design that uses a 4360-7 and I am unable to get it to lock. I have used ADsim to generate the parameters for a 1GHz output frequency. I have the R counter set to 2 which gives a 5MHz PFD frequency from a 10MHz ref clock. I have validated…

  • AD7366/7 AGND & DGND

    Dear all,

    If the hardware that we will be working on only have one GND, can the AGND and DGND be shorted together? Or it should have separate ground panels? Will there be any issues if its combined? 

    Thank you.

  • ADP5033ACBZ-7-R7 SPEC temperature

    I didn't found.

    Could you provide me the unit chip temperature and resistance?











  • ADSim - Windows 7 64 bit


    A colleague of mine asked me, to find a way to run “ADSim” on a Windows 7 (64bit) system.

    It seems to be working fine on a Windows 7 32bit system.

    Is there a supported way on a Windows 7 64 bit? Is there a successor of this pretty old version…