• some problems about filter,LTC1069-7,thanks,关于滤波器1069-7的一些问题,万分感谢

    Can the input clock of LTC1069-7 be greater than 3MHZ under the single 5V power supply working condition? or can the -3db cut-off frequency be higher than 150HZ under the single 5V power supply working condition?
  • LTC1569-6

    I use LTC1569-6 with external clock. But periodically, I want to stop external clock and set at pin DIV/CLK "0" signal from microcontroller. Is it correct?
    As I understand, in this case the DC offset will increase. Will this DC offset be stable…

  • ADP2127: Recommended footprint for 6-Pad Embedded Wafer Level Package [EWLP] (CN-6-1)


    Is there any recommended footprint from Analog Devices which I could use to generate footprint (in PADS Layout) for ADP2127ACNZ1.260R7 (6-Pad Embedded Wafer Level Package [EWLP], CN-6-1 package)?




  • A replacement for HMC625 (0.5 dB LSB GaAs MMIC 6-BIT DIGITAL VARIABLE GAIN AMPLIFIER, DC - 6 GHz)


    Can anyone recommend a good replacement for this chip? I can accept layout changes, I just want similar performance.


    I'd welcome pushing the upper frequency up to 7GHz or higher…

  • RE: AD9102/6 - Synch multiple DDS

    Hi Marc,

    Yes, synchronization of multiple AD9106/02 is possible. Just tie the TRIGGER pins together.
    Trigger to output delay is typically 96ns for both DACs.
    Typical gain drift data is in the DC specifications table in the datasheets.

    AD9106 Datasheet

  • ADMV1014 I and Q Outputs (pins 4 & 6): Is there an DC voltages on the pins?

    I am using the ADMV1014 in a 2-stage receiver, with an IF at 6GHz.

    Following the ADMV1014 is a DPDT transfer switch that is used to select sidebands before going into a 90deg hybrid.

    Is there any DC voltage on pins 4 and 6?  

    If it is 0V, then I don't need…

  • ADA4420-6

    I am looking for a video filter IC for VGA 1280x1024 @ 60 Hz signal, can i use ADA4420-6 IC for this application, please let me know

  • ADA6610-6 OUPUT

    I'm considering adoption of "ADA4410-6".
    How should I do the output terminal which isn't used?
    Is it OPEN? Is it terminated 75 Ω?
    If there are more good ways, please tell me.

  • AD9371 Questions 6


    I am testing the AD9371 Rx path using the ADRV9371-W/PCBZ EVB.

    I am using the Xilinx, HW-Z7-ZC706 Rev: B evaluation platform and the TES software to control the EVB.

    Rx Profile:  100MHz, IQRate=153.6MHz, Dec5
    The Rx PLL frequency is 3410MHz. The…

  • SPDIF ADAU1445/6


    I'm using ADAU1446, I want to use spdif sending 8 digital outputs through the optical fiber.

    And 'possible to use the spdif output of the DSP or do I have to use an external component?