• LTC1068的使用

    LTC1068 的使用,  请问b模块,mode 2b什么意思,我不太会计算。datasheet里面也没提到。

  • LTC1068-50

    Hi ,

    In one  of my custom board which is processing 12.5kHZ ACOUSTIC SIGNAL,i hv used LTC1068-50 for realizing one band pass stage. I have used filter cad software to get schematics using this IC with reference to my requirements 

    The schematics i got from…

  • How to select LTC1068 IC series for individual LP, HP and BP usage?


    I want to select an active filter IC for low pass filter with f(-3db) = 10Hz. I found that the LTC1068 IC series could meet my needs. From the data sheet, the IC could be use as LP, HP, BP or band rejection. My question is that for each application…

  • RE: Where can I find the Filtercad software?

    I had success installing FilterCAD on my XP Laptop. Noticing that the LTC1068 part is considered EOL, I'm satisfied for now.

  • RE: Configurations values for Dual Band Pass Filter LTC6602

    The LTC6602 is a wide BW BPF not for narrow band applications.

    Consider using an LTC1068-200 for 20khz and 25kHz narrow BW BPF design.

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