• AN159 Low Noise Amplifier - Is it possible to get the Layout-files?


    i need to investigate the broadband-noise of a few Chopper-OP-AMP-circuits/LTC1043-circuits and would like to replicate the single ended Low Noise Amplifier (Figure 2 in the AN) from the Linear Application Note 159 "Measuring 2nV/√Hz Noise and 120dB…

  • RE: 如何搭建输出12V30A,频率50HZ-300KHZ的电路?

    基本也是 第一级误差放大器用误差放大器,第二级用推挽电路,可以参考 我们的一篇来自Jim Williams的著名Application Note,讲如何搭建功放的,仅供参考。 PDF