• LTC1043

    Hi, I'm trying to use the LTC1043 integrate in Tina for simulation. The circuit that I want to simulate is reported in application note 87 of Linear Technology. It is the bridge for measure small capacitance in page 87. In Tina I find the first 1/2LTC1043…

  • LTC1043

     In the picture i see an pin 13 is connected to Vin to second stage. I guess its wrong. Can someone explain this?

  • How to use a LTC1043 as a precision inverter ?


    I have a high precision voltage reference and I need to build a symmetrical voltage reference from it. As the goal is to get a few ppm tracking from the reference, it is very difficult to create a way to invert the voltage using a OpAmp as an inverter…

  • LTC1043 variable resistance using switched capacitor


    For my project I need programmable precision variable resistance. I decided to use switched capacitor to have variable resistance so now I can use programmable external clock to control the resistance. My question is if you can verify my connections…

  • How to Drive LTC1043's Clock Externally (and Simulate in LTSPICE)? 

    I would like to drive LTC1043 (Dual Precision Instrumentation Switched Capacitor Building Block)'s clock externally. In the datasheet (http://www.analog.com/media/en/technical-documentation/data-sheets/1043fa.pdf ), it is stated that "The LTC1043 can…

  • 用multisim中的LTC1043模型进行F/V转换仿真没有成功,是模型有问题吗?


  • RE: Lock in Amplifier assistance needed.

    Brian, Thanks! I saw you have another post commenting using LTC6943 for lock in amplifier, would that work for this kind of frequency? LTC can work up to 5MHz? 

    Also, I completely don't understand how LTC6943 works. Each of the datasheet example only connects…

  • RE: LTZ1000A stack-up

    Hi Mehdiaghayi,

    I suspect you meant to post this in the "Voltage References" forum. "Reference Circuits" generally refers to Circuits from the Lab and other orderable hardware. Apologies for any confusion - which is definitely understandable given that…

  • RE: Discrete chopper switch

    Hi KirV,

    You are totally right!

    I missed something before and now I know how to use them as a chopper. They are perfect choices.

    By the way, did you use some single transistor switches? I know it will be crazy if I use 32 single switches on PCB to make…

  • AD5791 - Driving a load of 1uF




    My design demands a setup as shown in attachment. The design doesn't demand a quick settling time. Also, it happens only once.


    I need some clarifications related to that.

    1. Is there any stability problems.

    2. can it drive this load…