• RE: DC2596A : LT8708 Development Board ZVS of MOSFETs M1 and M3

    The controller is not designed for zero volt switching. It is optimized for performance and efficiency.

  • DC2596A with LT8708

    I have a DC2596A with LT8708. Where can I find the data sheet and manual?

  • Questions about LT8708

    Hi team

    I am trying to charge a Li-ion battery with 14 serial cells on input 48V.
    The maximum voltage of the battery will be 58.8V.
    Can the LT8708 be designed?



  • LT8708 with CCM



  • LT8708 support 1000W application?


  • about DCM mode in LT8708

    Dear expert,

    In LT8708's datasheet, it says "Under light loading conditions, in FDCM (or RDCM), synchronous switch M4 (or M1) is turned off whenever instantaneous reverse (or forward) current in the inductor is detected". I see that it uses…

  • PSpice Model for LT8708 / LTC3779 / LT8705A


    i need pspice model so i can simulate these components LT8708 / LTC3779 / LT8705A in cadence virtuoso for master thesis

    Thank you
  • about LT8708's simulation result in LTspice

    Hi there,

    I am designing a desktop PC 12V backup battery project with LT8708, for none backup uses, VIN charges battery on VOUT, and the charging current is limited by IMON_OP resistor.

    However, I don't understand the simulation result in LTspice (test…

  • about LT8708 as supercap back up charger

    Dear All,

    In our current project we use LT8708 as the main power management IC, providing supercap backup. The schematic is given in the attachment.

    The input voltage range is 18V~32V and the capacitor bank charge voltage is 45V with max 1A charge current…

  • RE: The design tool of LT8708 device cannot be found in LTpowerCAD II V2.71

    Hi Peter_uta,

    I have to correct myself. The reason I'm seeing the tool is because it is only viewed by internal ADI users. Please connect to a local ADI FAE who can help facilitate design and compute values for you. Meanwhile, I'll go check why the design…