• LT8708 and LT8708-1

  • LT8708/LT8708-1 More Parallel Output Design

    Dear All:

    The DC2719A is LT8708*1 + LT8708-1 *1 design solution ,If I need LT8708*1 + LT8708-1 *N The Output component how to placement ,my product estimate use LT8708 *1 + LT8708-1 *4 pcs parallel output ,the MOSFET ,capacitance...etc component ,have…

  • LT8708 with GaN FET or SiC


    My customer use LT8708 & LT8708-1 in their system.

    And they are trying to modify around circuit of LT8708 & LT8708-1.

    At this modifying  design, they are reviewing to use GaN FEC or SiC.

    ( Applied points are M1 ~ M4.)

    Would you confirm…

  • DC2596A : LT8708 Development Board ZVS of MOSFETs M1 and M3


         I am working with LT8708 development board DC2596A, for Battery charging application. I was able to get CC-CV characteristics required for Battery Charging on Electronic Load. While observing the Vgs and Vds waveforms of the all the four MOSFETS…

  • Questions about using ceramic capacitors at LT8708 input & output circuit


    My customer wants to use LT8708 & LT8708-1 in their product which is a fuel cell Dron application.

    But as the size issue of PCB, they wnat to use ceramic capacitors at input & output of LT8708 instead of recommended tantal capaciotrs in your…

  • DC2596A with LT8708

    I have a DC2596A with LT8708. Where can I find the data sheet and manual?

  • Questions about LT8708

    Hi team

    I am trying to charge a Li-ion battery with 14 serial cells on input 48V.
    The maximum voltage of the battery will be 58.8V.
    Can the LT8708 be designed?



  • LT8708 with CCM



  • LT8708 - Calculations Tools?


    Do Analog (or any other engineers) have a calculations tool (spreadsheet for example) that can be used to calculate for any given design goals (e.g. a Battery Backup system with Charge Capability) applicable to the LT8708?  The datasheet for the…

  • LT8708 support 1000W application?