• LT8708/LT8708-1 More Parallel Output Design

    Dear All:

    The DC2719A is LT8708*1 + LT8708-1 *1 design solution ,If I need LT8708*1 + LT8708-1 *N The Output component how to placement ,my product estimate use LT8708 *1 + LT8708-1 *4 pcs parallel output ,the MOSFET ,capacitance...etc component ,have…

  • RE: DC2596A with LT8708

    The LT8708 is not yet released.

  • LT8708 with CCM




    You can take a look at LT8708 to see if it would be more suitable.

  • RE: LT8708 - Calculations Tools?

    Hi Graham,

    We don’t have this kind of design tool and I don’t know if and when we may have one. But there is both LTpowerCAD and LTspice design that can definitely aid in your design. Please check through our website.


  • PSpice Model for LT8708 / LTC3779 / LT8705A


    i need pspice model so i can simulate these components LT8708 / LTC3779 / LT8705A in cadence virtuoso for master thesis

    Thank you
  • about DCM mode in LT8708

    Dear expert,

    In LT8708's datasheet, it says "Under light loading conditions, in FDCM (or RDCM), synchronous switch M4 (or M1) is turned off whenever instantaneous reverse (or forward) current in the inductor is detected". I see that it uses…

  • RE: about LT8708 as supercap back up charger

    Seem nothing wrong with the schematic. Problem may be due to PCB layout. It would be better if you start with ADI demo board and made changes one at the time while testing the circuit after each change. That way, you can get a circuit that operates properly…

  • RE: about LT8708's simulation result in LTspice


    The test jig is currently using Ideal parts for the simulation 

    You can try to modify C15 to  330uF and 5 mohm cap to have a more realistic output