• LT8705A cannot work normally


    our product SPEC: input voltage :10V-60V, output: 14.6V/10A,  we use LT8705 to design circuit.

    Now we test this power supply.  and set the input voltage is 12V, and output current from 1A to 5A。

    when the output current is 3A,  output voltage is below…

  • lt8705a adjustable output voltage

    can we design lt8705a or lt8210 with adjustable output voltage my requirment is 24v battery input and 20v to50v adjustable output at 5 amp if you can provide design guide it will be very helpful thank you

  • LT8705A

    Is there a current to/from the gate driver pins at which point the driver considers the N-FET off/on for the purposes of the control logic within the 8705A?  For example, if I use a BJT drive on one set of MOSFETs and have some leakage (5ma say), is that…

  • LT8705A: used in MPPT application


    I would like to use a buck-boost converter LT8705A as a core for my MPPT. LT8490 uses the simillar core switcher (it uses LT8705 exactly).
    My question is - why is forced continous mode (MODE=0) prefered for a MPPT applications? All schematics in…

  • LT8705A SYNC external clock


    I am planning to use two LT8705A switchers in parallel, consequently I would like to SYNC them. I would like to use LTC6908-1 as external clock generator for both of them.
    Because this clock will be provided by external device, my question is -…

  • LT8705A :: IMON_IN and IMON_OUT force voltage


    I would like to make a buck-boost switcher based on LT8705A IC. I'm planning to use an external input and output current sensor (because this brings more options to me), so I'm planning to connect CSPIN and CSNIN together to VIN and CSPOUT and…

  • 求助:DC-DC升降压芯片LT8705A 偶发损坏,TG1-SW1,TG2-SW2击穿

    DC-DC升降压芯片LT8705A 偶发损坏,TG1-SW1,TG2-SW2击穿。输入电压48V,输出电压5-70V,负责功率5-180W动态变化,输出电压是动态调整。     

  • PSpice Model for LT8708 / LTC3779 / LT8705A


    i need pspice model so i can simulate these components LT8708 / LTC3779 / LT8705A in cadence virtuoso for master thesis

    Thank you
  • LT8705A Gate Driver Impedance

    In the 8705/8705A data sheets, the rise and fall times for the gate drivers are noted as 20ns with a 3300pF load.  Note 4 gives these times as the 10% - 90% times.  Ergo, I can calculate the source and sink impedance via 20ns / 2.2 / 3300pF to get 2.75ohms…

  • LT8490 / LT8491 multiphase questions


    In looking through some other answers for LT8490/LT8491 it seems that the recommended way to create a multiphase converter is to use one LT8491 and (N-1)x LT8705A parts. I have a few questions regarding this:

    1. Is it possible to only use one error…