• LT8672 for high current application

    Hi ADIexpert

    I planned to use LT8672 to pass ISO16750-2 AC imposed voltage test,

    however, my application is a 9~36V Vin and 12 Vout/ 30A (360W)  DC/DC module

    I assume the input current is around 42~44A at lowest Vin 9V

    so I planned to parallel 2~3pcs SQM50020EL…

  • questions about LT8672 + surge stopper family

    Hi ADI  Expert

    May I know  LT8672 can work with ADI's surge stopper family like LTC4380  to pass Automotive ISO16750 regulation?

    is the power chain below correct? or LT8672 and LT4380 should be swapped?

    thank you


  • With regards with use of CBYP with LT8672

    Hi , 

    I have a question with regards to CBYP use on the source pin of LT8672. 

    Datasheet page 10 specifies not to use Capacitance more than 60nF include PCB . Could you please let me know how to consider Battery as battery may have capacitance.

    The LT8672…

  • RE: DC2703a protections

    The LTC4359 and the LT8672 will only allow current to pass from input to output. Neither part is intended to be used with a battery connected in reverse on the output. The P-channel FET circuit is likely the most simple solution if reverse battery protection…

  • RE: Can the full-bridge be paralleled?


    I would recommend the LTC3722 with the LTC3901, and yes, the converters can be paralleled. I would use an ideal diode on the output of each converter to prevent negative current issues, the LT8672 would serve. Here is a general circuit that can be adapted…



    please check  the available documentation on the boards and the appropriate datasheets.


    LT8672 is realizing a ideal diode function, specialized…

  • RE: LTC7004 as high side driver for reverse polarity protection.


    Could you re-upload higher resolution version of your schematic?  or Attach LTspice simulation file.  I couldn't see your schematic.

    I don't think you can use this controller for reverse polarity protection.  You will need an additional controller…