• LT8653S Thermal parameters

    We are designing reader with LT8653S, need to do thermal testing. 
    Could you share thermal parameters with us like as below


  • LT8653S Reference Voltage Accuracy (At Room Temperature)


    I am considering the LT8653S.

    In that, I have a question.


    I think this IC can choose 3 kinds of reference voltage (1.8V, 3.3V, 5V).

    For the three reference voltages,
    Could you tell me the error range at room temperature?

    There is a description…

  • LT8653 feedback pin options and accuracy - fixed vs. variable output voltage

    Hello AD,

    The D0 and D1 pins on the LT8653 can be used to alter the setpoint of the FB pins, maintaining good accuracy % at 1.8V, 3.3V and 5.0V.

    Is there any way of using the setpoints to obtain higher accuracy at voltages other than the defined nodes…

  • LT8653s, its output is not coming on 3.3v as well as 5V

    I am using the LT8653s, its output is not coming on 3.3v as well as 5V,  load on 3.3V &5V are removed ( since i connected load through Ferrite bead )

    1.we verified the circuit , there is no short . we connected the circuit as per application circuits…

  • RE: Does the LT8614 come multiple output channels? Is there micromodule option with LT8614?

    On behalf of Anthony Armstrong: 
    The LT8614 is a Single Output step-down converter which can deliver up to 4A of continuous output current. We currently have four 42V input capable dual output devices: the LT8653S with dual 2A per channel, the LT8650S with…

  • RE: Design Parameters for LT3506


    in your scenario I would use a different for two reasons:
    1. We have synchronous (more efficient+space saving) dual buck regulators in our portfolio.

    2. More than that the LT3506 won't work under all conditions, as he needs more Vin to start than…

  • 【在线研讨会】Silent Switcher稳压器: 高效率、超低EMI

    在重视热耗散和效率的场合中,人们会用开关稳压器替代线性稳压器。开关稳压器通常是输入电源总线线路上的首个有源组件,因此对于整个转换器电路的 EMI 性能具有重大的影响。


    在近期的在线研讨会《Silent Switcher稳压器:高效率、超低EMI》中,从原理到封装到布局再到具体产品,重点介绍了大幅降低开关稳压器EMI辐射的新技术。