• LT8650S SEV/SIV/SHV/SPJV differences

    Hey there,

    We're currently having troubles sourcing this chip, the only variant available to us at the moment is the LT8650SPJV#PBF

    The datasheet only mentions SEV and SIV with the later having a greater guaranteed operating temperature. But there…

  • RE: LT8650S Vout1 NOT starting sometimes

    Hello,  We have resolved the issue by adding a soft-start capacitor.  Specifically, at startup the input voltage would dip due to the inrush.  this results in more current and the safe-mode shutdown you describe.  However, the expectation normally would be…

  • RE: LT8650S - Spice Model - Enabling

    Hi Laplace,

    Thank you for bringing to our attention. It is LTSpice model issue. The real IC can be enabled/disabled independently. We have informed our modeling team for fix.

  • RE: Problem with LT8650S

    My input source is 24V/2A, Can LT8650S deliver 5V/4A and 3.3V/4A output?

  • RE: LT8650S with lipo batteries as input.

    My input source is 24V/2A, Can LT8650S deliver 5V/4A and 3.3V/4A output?

  • LT8650S and FPGA

    Hello all.

    I've an old board with XC6SLX9 FPGA that needs 1.2V and 3.3V voltages; I must update the old board changing only the power and I'd like to use the LT8650S. 

    Is LT8650S suggested to power FPGA like XILINX SPARTAN6?

    Thank you.


  • LT8650 Minimum Inductor Calculation

    I am looking for guidance on calculating the minimum inductance required to prevent subharmonic oscillation on the LT8650.  I found the mention of APP NOTE 19 (which is an amazing reference) and the details there.  I was not able to locate the Sx Voltage…

  • RE: LT8650S is an external BST capacitor required?

    Making switch node smaller and therefore inductor much closer to SW pin will definitely shorten hot loop and therefore expected lower radiated noise. This is recommended.

  • Split Rails for Audio from LT8650S

    Im trying to find silent switcher solution for providing opamp type split rails from a suitable externally provided single rail supply - probably around 40ish volts perhaps even from PoE.

    I like the idea of LT8650S type devices but I need split rails of…

  • LT8650S - Outputs configured for 2.5V and 3.3V, with 7V Input


    I have a design configured for the LT8650S with following conditions:

    1. Vin = 7V

    2. Vout1 = 3.3V @ 0.5A max load, Vout2 = 2.5V @ 1.5A max load. I have feedback resistors for Vout1 set to R1=1Mohm and R2=320kOhm, and for Vout2 set to to R3=1Mohm…