• Problem with LT8650S

    LT8650S.pdfI realized a board with LT8650S. The schematic is here attached.

    My idea is to have two different OUTPUTs VH and VL_I from the LT8650S. The max current for VH will be 1.5A and the max current for VL_I will be 0.5A

    In this circuit, I can change…

  • LT8650S and FPGA

    Hello all.

    I've an old board with XC6SLX9 FPGA that needs 1.2V and 3.3V voltages; I must update the old board changing only the power and I'd like to use the LT8650S. 

    Is LT8650S suggested to power FPGA like XILINX SPARTAN6?

    Thank you.


  • RE: LT8610AC In parallel or in the same board

    HI, thanks for suggestion. I saw LT8650S as well as LT8645/46. I decided to use LT8610 because according to LTSpice simulations it lead to a small ripple (even in the range of 1 mV by proper selection of output capacitor and inductors) and in nominal…

  • RE: LT8650S gets damaged without any clue, please help.

    I have a similar issue with the LT8650S.  Any details you can share on what the actual solution was?

  • RE: LT8650S with lipo batteries as input.

    Hello, the LT8650S input range is 3V to 42V. It should work well for the range of the lipo batteries you had in mind.

  • LT8650 Minimum Inductor Calculation

    I am looking for guidance on calculating the minimum inductance required to prevent subharmonic oscillation on the LT8650.  I found the mention of APP NOTE 19 (which is an amazing reference) and the details there.  I was not able to locate the Sx Voltage…

  • Split Rails for Audio from LT8650S

    Im trying to find silent switcher solution for providing opamp type split rails from a suitable externally provided single rail supply - probably around 40ish volts perhaps even from PoE.

    I like the idea of LT8650S type devices but I need split rails of…

  • LT8650S using dual channel different output cyrrent


    Is it possible dual channel using below condition?

    Are there any problem?

     VIn range 5.8 to 39V

    Vout1 3.3V 2.5A

    Vout2 5V 5A

    In the datasheet

    "Both channels are designed for output currents up to 6A,
    but thermal considerations practically…

  • RE: Does the LT8614 come multiple output channels? Is there micromodule option with LT8614?

    On behalf of Anthony Armstrong: 
    The LT8614 is a Single Output step-down converter which can deliver up to 4A of continuous output current. We currently have four 42V input capable dual output devices: the LT8653S with dual 2A per channel, the LT8650S with…

  • RE: Is it possible to use an external spread spectrum clock for LT8361 (and LT8364) case?

    Dear dulcevida, 

    thanks for your answer.

    My question is about the possibility to use an  external clock that is already SSFM ("A synchronizing signal that incorporates spread spectrum").

    I know already that is possible to use Spread Spectrum XOR…