• Frequency Foldback vs. Feedback Voltage plot for LT8650 or LTM8024 or LT8060.

    I would like to see the plot describing the frequency foldback % vs. voltage feedback for the LT8650 or LTM8024 or LT8060. 

    Attached is a similar plot but for a different part:

  • LT8650S Max Vout

    Hello - Looking at the 8650S datasheet the only voltage examples shown are for 5V0 and 3V3.  There is no mention of max Vout.  On the selection tool it says 0.99Vin.  Before we design this in I just want to make sure its not a typo or something.  We are planning…

  • LT8650S with only channel 1 used?


       I would like to know if it is possible to only use LT8650S's channel 1 and NC all of channel 2's pin (VIN2, SW2, BST2, etc), except for EN2 which would be grounded? And if possible, would it have any impact on Channel's 1 indicated performance?…

  • LT8650S 2Channel Output

    I would like to ask if I use 2 channel as 1 output(5V 8A).

    Can I tie SW1,SW2 and only use 1 inductor?Such as XEL-5050(4.7uH 10A)?

  • LT8650S

    Quick question,

    What is the difference between the SEV and SIV variants of the LT8650S? They both appear to have the same temperature spec.


  • IBIS Model for LT8650S and LT8609S

    Dear Sir,

    Our customer designed the LT8650S and LT8609S. And they want to simulate the SI (Signal integrity ) with IBIS model. But it can't find IBIS model for LT8650S and LT8609S in the ADI website. Do you have these IBIS model? If yes, could please…

  • RE: LT8650S

    Hi Travis,

    Apology but I believe we don't have this available other than θJA in datasheet. Can you share why these are important and not able to use θJA? I would recommend that you connect to local ADI FAE if you insist on getting those requested…

  • LT8650S Switching frequency


    When using the datasheet formula to calculate RT we get a different result from LTPowerCAD Model.

    Wich one should be used?


  • LT8650S SEV/SIV/SHV/SPJV differences

    Hey there,

    We're currently having troubles sourcing this chip, the only variant available to us at the moment is the LT8650SPJV#PBF

    The datasheet only mentions SEV and SIV with the later having a greater guaranteed operating temperature. But there…

  • LT8650S - Generating 0.85V


    I am looking forward using LT8650S to generate 0.85 et 0.9V.
    Is this part suitable for these 2 low voltage for an FPGA?