• RE: LT8650S

    Does anyone have an answer?

  • RE: LT8650S Switching frequency

    Hi Cyril1383,

    Upon checking the recommended RT for the LTpowercad, it is almost similar to that of the computed theoretical RT of the LT8650s. The LTPowerCAD Model result shows the actual resistor value that is closest to the computed theoretical value…

  • LT8650S - Generating 0.85V


    I am looking forward using LT8650S to generate 0.85 et 0.9V.
    Is this part suitable for these 2 low voltage for an FPGA?


  • LT8650S and FPGA

    Hello all.

    I've an old board with XC6SLX9 FPGA that needs 1.2V and 3.3V voltages; I must update the old board changing only the power and I'd like to use the LT8650S. 

    Is LT8650S suggested to power FPGA like XILINX SPARTAN6?

    Thank you.


  • Problem with LT8650S

    LT8650S.pdfI realized a board with LT8650S. The schematic is here attached.

    My idea is to have two different OUTPUTs VH and VL_I from the LT8650S. The max current for VH will be 1.5A and the max current for VL_I will be 0.5A

    In this circuit, I can change…

  • LT8650S - Spice Model - Enabling


    It is indicated in the datasheet that both channel can be enabled/disabled separately. But on LTspice, I noticed that when the channel-1 is disabled, channel-2 is also disabled even though it's enable pin is driven high. Probably this is an issue…

  • LT8650 Minimum Inductor Calculation

    I am looking for guidance on calculating the minimum inductance required to prevent subharmonic oscillation on the LT8650.  I found the mention of APP NOTE 19 (which is an amazing reference) and the details there.  I was not able to locate the Sx Voltage…

  • RE: LT8650S LTSpice sequenced startup


    the model group corrected the model and it should be now avaialble via Sync Release. Please try again and come back if you still have problems. I checked the new model with both test cases and it works fine.

    kind regards


  • LT8650S 2 phase LTPowerCAD model


    I am looking forward using the LT8650S in 2 phase to generate 0.85V 5A.

    Can you provide an LTPowerCAD model in this configuration? I need to check for external compensation.