• RE: LT8648S , paralleling , SS pins


    Yes but if you don't need to use the soft-start option, you can just tie them together as recommended in the data sheet. Usually, when operating in parallel, you will tie the SS/Track pins and tie it with a capacitor connected to ground to control…

  • Reg LT8648S



    PFA Regarding the Power-Cad Solution of LT8648S The inductor value Mentioned in Power-cad is 1.6uH.Will you Please tell how you get that value, because by using the Formulae mentioned in Datasheet we get Different Value. Kindly…

  • Reg LT8648S


    Will you Please Clarify below Queries for LT8648S Part

    1.Which Thermal Resistance need to be considered for Automotive Application? Kindly Confirm

    2.What is the ramp up time of this Part to determine the power sequence timing of the Design.?


  • Paralleling Two LT8648S

    "Master" LT8648S  RT-Pin sets the frequency.

    Synchronized LT8648S: which level on RT Input (Float, GND, Same Resistor?)

    Thanks Toni

  • LT8648S | 1.2V Output | Efficiency Consideration


    I would like to use LT8648S to generate 1.2 V output voltage at 2 MHz switching frequency. There is no example design given in the datasheet for output voltages below 3.3 V, same as efficiency graphs. Can I use this IC for the conditions I have…

  • LT8648S Part Name Question

    Hi team

    What is the difference between LT8648SJ and LT8648SH?
    The contents of Note 2 are as follows.
    I did not explain the difference

    LT8648SJ and LT8648SH are guaranteed over the full –40°C to 150°C operating junction temperature range. …