• LT8646S ΘJC(Top)


    My customers are considering LT8646S.

    Could you help provide Thermal Resistance θJC(Top) of LT8646S?

    There is θJC(PAD) in datasheet, but no θJC(Top).

    Best regards,


  • LT8646S keep on short cutting when power off/on

    We have a problem with the LT8646S that keep on being destroyed and thereby making a short-cutting and therefore also destroying other components in the power supply. The LT8646S is used in a power supply for an RF PA stage for 80-800Mhz and it looks like…

  • Can I use LT8646S for generating -12V from +24V? If yes, any sample circuits?

    I am using LT8646S in my power board which is having many individual low voltage generation. In the same board I have a requirement of -12V,3A also. Can I use LT8646S for generation the -12V? My input voltage is 16-24V.

  • RE: Thoughts on using lt8645s for adjustable CV/CC supply

    For the current regulation in the buck regulator, please refer to the block diagram of LT8613. You can use LT8646S (has Vc pin) and add the current regulation circuit.

  • RE: LT8646S Paralleling circuit

    Schematic looks ok. When paralleling two LT8646S, each RT pin should have individual resistor. Same value is ok. TR/SS pin should be connected together. The way RT and TR/SS is correct.

  • RE: LT8646S Bias pin

    With a cap at TR/SS pin, LT8646S has soft-start feature. EN pin is recommended to set Vin threshold by adding a resistor divider from Vin. For 28V output, Vin threshold can be 30V or higher.

    If BIAS is connected to 5V external power supply, there should…

  • LT8645s efficiency measurement

    I would like to measure power consumption of LT8645S on LTSpice, but the result is not realistic. I found 11W average power on LT8645s instead of 1W on LT8646s for the same schematic.

  • RE: LT8610AC In parallel or in the same board

    Hi Luca,

    LT8646S and LT8650S have Vc pins that allow for external compensation and for two parts or channels to accurately share current. LT8610AC relies on internal compensation and does not have a Vc pin. Vc and FB pins should be tied together during…

  • RE: LT8645S Max Current over Voltage Range

    Hello redfishn,

    in principle the high dutycycle is ok with switching frequencies below 600kHz (toff,max=110ns). But: 37V*8A are nearly 300W!!! Even with the high efficiency of approx 95% at slow switching frequencies we talk about 15W of power losses…

  • LT8646S 如何输出负压