• LT8645s parallel circuit


    Are there some methods to use  LT8645s by parallel power circuits?

    I know that LT8646s can be connected in parallel to the same output. 

    But LT8646s's stock is out. And i have no enough time.

    So, i'll try to make a paralleling by LT8645s. 

  • LT8645S-2 BST

    LT8645S-2 datasheet says "BST (Pin 11): This pin is used to provide a drive voltage, higher than the input voltage, to the topside power switch."

    What's the voltage level on BST?


  • RE: Difference between LT8645S and LT8645S-2

    Hi Jambhumalamal

    BST cap is needed for driving of Top MOSFET inside 8645-2. It is a boost capacitor, you should use min recommended value in datasheet for correct switching of this MOS.

    IntVCC cap is for internal supply of IC (digital part, gate drive…

  • RE: INTVCC_UVLO value of LT8645S


    I have trouble Both LT8620 and LT8645S. I also confirmed similar problem.
    First of all , I confirmed INTVCC waveform of LT8620 that reached UVLO when It's reverse voltage.
    Second of all, I confirmed value of INTVCC UVLO with datasheet of LT8620…

  • heating track between SW and inductor for LT8645S-2


    I have troubling problem of temperature.

    I design 3 prototypes with the 2 LT8645S-2 on each card.

    With proto 1 and 2, I don't have problem.

    With the proto 3, the track between SW and the inductor heat until 120°C at 20 °C ambient for the 2 composants…

  • LT8645S


  • LT8645-2


    I have a big problem with my BUCK LT8645-2 converters.

    For this, I need a converter with an output voltage of 5V for a Raspberry Pi with its screen. But also, a converter with an output voltage of 9V to supply all of the EN pins of the different…

  • RE: LT8645-2 problems

    By the way, you may attach here your schematic, so we can also check whether there's an issue with your design. Thank you. 


    Fritz Gonzales

  • Thermal resistance (θ-JA) of LT8645S-2


    Could you please provide the Thermal resistance value, Junction to Ambient for LT8645S-2.

    The package is LQFN 32-Lead. Value is not available in datasheet.

    Thank You.

  • LTPowerCAD vs LTSpice efficency calcupation for LT8645S

    Hi all,

    we have checked the efficincey calculation for LT8645S both in LTPowerCAD and LTSpice and it looks that the LTSpice simulation gives higher than expected efficiency. Calculation method for Spice is taken from example. E.g. for Vin 12V, Vout=5V…