• LT8641 Bottom Power NMOS Current Limit

    The LT8641 datasheet defines a top power NMOS current limit and a bottom power NMOS current limit. The datasheet has a lot more details provided for the top power NMOS current limit which in the Electrical Characteristics table and how it changes with…

  • LT8641 fb cap can omit?

    we are now using LT8641 for some time and it work well.

    we did not use the fb cap which is recommaned 4.7pF to 22pF between FB and Vout.

    is it a must?

    please advise when it is needed?

    wish a good answer ASAP because my customer is asking.

  • Thermal performance of LT8641

    we are designing a new product that is powered from PoE and uses LT8641 as the main DC/DC converter.
    Few information about our design:
    • Design data - schematic and layout - in attached pdf. The PCB is 6-layer and right below the top layer there…
  • LT8641 : Output Capacitor and Inductor recommended capacity value

    Hi ADI,

    We are testing the demo board of the LT8641.
    I have a few questions during the test.
    1. Recommended output capacitor value
     > There is no calculation formula in the Datasheet.
    2. It is recommended to apply De-cap 1uF to VIN1 and VIN2, but 0.1uF…

  • About LT8641 output pulsed current value

     I'm going to use 3,5A DC rated LT8641 to supply the 4A load that switches with 10% duty cycle. Is it OK? 

  • LT8641 FB problem

    We are currently in the production phase of an optical transceiver system which uses the LT8641 to supply 3.3V.
    The circuit of the LT8641 has been thoroughly tested and I was quite happy with its performance. Now that we are in the production phase…
  • LT8641 VS. LT8643S

    HEY ALL,

    i'm designing a new board and considering using one of those parts: LT8641 / LT8643S

    wanted to know if someone can share from his experience regarding.

    as i know, the LT8643S is newer part, silent switcher 2 , which i cannot tell the difference…

  • LT8641 operation above 5V output

    I am planning to use an LT8641 in a device powered over Ethernet (POE PD).

    One regulator will provide 3.3VDC for microcontroller, etc.  This models fine in LTSpice XVII, based upon the macromodel test fixture.

    A second regulator is intended to regulate…

  • RE: Paralleling of LT3065


    Based on the suggested schematic on the data sheet you would need to introduce an offset on the output of the second LDO however this would mean the abs max value of the out pin (40V)would be excided.

    Please try considering switching power supplies…

  • RE: LTPowerCAD crash when opening file

    I was unable to reproduce the error. Including changing windows region and language settings for France those default solutions mentioned seemed to load without error. Can you send an image of the error message shown when you try to open the default solution…