• LT8640 VIN C Change

    I don't get 1 μF of bypass capacitor.
    Therefore I think we'll set a bypass capacitor of VIN1,2 to 2.2 μF.
    Would there be an anxious point?

    Can I have advice?

  • LT8640S not restarting in LTspice sim

    I am trying to simulate the LT8640S briefly losing power on its input and then recovering. I'm using a voltage divider to supply the EN/UV pin.

    The LT8640S turns on with the initial application of power (24V), but when the input power goes to 0V…

  • LT8640S tracking/soft-start as servo control


    I´m trying to dynamically adjust the LT8640S output voltage with an external control voltage (let´s say from a DAC).

    Could this be done using the TR/SS pin?

    The LT8640S output voltage refers to its resistor devider:

    Vout = 0,97V …

  • What replacement do you suggest for LT8640? I know that AD acquired LT. Thank you!

    What replacement do you suggest for LT8640? I know that AD acquired LT. Thank you!

  • LT8640S - LTspice simulation of synchronous clocking - example jig does not seem to support this modelling

    I understand from the datasheet that the switching clock can be controlled by applying a clock to the Mode (sync) input. I cannot confirm this with simulation in LTspice. The internal clock does not track the externally applied clock - nor does the clkout…

  • RE: Difference between the LT8640SIV and LT8640SEV

    Hello Yuriy

    have a look on note 2 from page 4  in the datasheet:

    Note 2: The LT8640E/LT8640-1E is guaranteed to meet performance specifications from 0°C to 125°C junction temperature. Specifications over the –40°C to 125°C operating junction temperature…

  • RE: LT8636 Spice Model


    I have the same issue when looking for the lT8636 LT Spice model, it is not released yet. However, it does appear that the LT8640 is basically the same chip architecture and there is an LT Spice model available for the LT8640. 

    I have copied the…

  • RE: 能获ADI&世健万元大奖的电源设计,究竟长什么样?(内有福利哦~)

    ADI & 世健·电源智造设计赛 一等奖

    选用 LT8640 具有 2.5μA 静态电流的 42V、5A 同步降压型超低噪声开关稳压器

    本作品选用 LT8640 芯片,该芯片除了动态和外部补偿外的各项性能都十分突出,完美契合比赛的指标要求。


  • RE: LT8390A startup time


    Base on our off line discussion and given the requirements 

    We would like to advice that you to use LT8640S/LT8643S which is designed for high voltage input with high output power


  • RE: What other Jfet amplifier can replace ADA4610? I cannot find it on supplier sites anymore. Thank you!

    Hey, I was talking about digikey, it is not there anymore. But i found a replacement. Now I am concerned about LT8640, same thing, i cannot find it online. Can you help? Maybe a replacement?

    This is about a medical device, good SNR is appreciated.