• What is the difference between the LT8640S & LT8640S-2 ?

    What is the difference between the LT8640S & LT8640S-2 ?

    Which products are newer?



  • LT8640S

    I have a design with two LT8640S devices.  They are set to generate 12V from a 24V input.  One is used to power devices on another board.  The other powers on-board devices.  The LT8640S for the off-board devices works fine and generates 12V.  The LT8640S…

  • LT8302+LT8640S simualtion


    Our customer will use LT8302 fly back and LT8640S.

    (24V-> 5.5V by LT8302 and 5.5V-Vf-> 3.3V about 4A by LT8640S.

    (Refer to attached slide 1)

    He simulated this design by LTspice.

    (Result is attached slide 2)


    When LT8302 SW current reaches…

  • LT8640 not working


    I've designed a board with the LT8640.

    The switcher is not working and the IntVcc pin is stuck at 2V instead of the specced >3V.

    The input voltages are ok and the switching terminal is silent and doesn't do anything.

    Where could I start…

  • LT8640S LTpowerCAD simulation support date


    Is there a date for when the LT8640S will be supported by LTPowerCAD? 

    Thanks for the help.

  • LT8640S and LT1764A Reliability

    Hi all,

    I'm doing reliability analysis (according to Telcordia SR332 Issue 3 method).

    Fit/MTBF values given by Analog here follow another standard and are not comparable to Telcordia values.

    I need MTBF/FIT value (according to Telcordia) for this…

  • PCB file for LT8640

    Hello, can you confirm that PCB file for LT8640 works? Because I cannot run it with Altium Designer. I need this file for my thesis project. I would be happy if you can help me on it.

  • LT8640 VIN C Change

    I don't get 1 μF of bypass capacitor.
    Therefore I think we'll set a bypass capacitor of VIN1,2 to 2.2 μF.
    Would there be an anxious point?

    Can I have advice?

  • LT8640S not restarting in LTspice sim

    I am trying to simulate the LT8640S briefly losing power on its input and then recovering. I'm using a voltage divider to supply the EN/UV pin.

    The LT8640S turns on with the initial application of power (24V), but when the input power goes to 0V…

  • LT8640S tracking/soft-start as servo control


    I´m trying to dynamically adjust the LT8640S output voltage with an external control voltage (let´s say from a DAC).

    Could this be done using the TR/SS pin?

    The LT8640S output voltage refers to its resistor devider:

    Vout = 0,97V …