• LT8620 Disable

    When the LT8620 is disabled, does both the high side and low side transistors open up or does the low side transistor turn on to apply ground to the SWx pins?


    -John Gray

  • LT8620 PROCESS

    Wthich process of LT8620 cmos or bipolar ?

  • LT8620 3D-model


    I've been looking for a 3D-model for the LT8620 in 24-WFQFN Exposed Pad package, but haven't found one. Anyone who knows where I can find one?


  • LT8620 Don't WORK


    We use LT8620 Byck converter one of our design. Input : 24VDC, Output:3.3V @1A 

    When I powered from 12V adaptor to Chip Power input, Chip doesn't poroduce 3.3V. Just only working INTvcc regulator. (I can measure 3V3 from INTVCC)
    I disasssambled…

  • LT8620 in LTSPice

    Hello,  Is the "Mode" Pin in the LT8620 jig actually the Sync pin?  There isn't a Mode pin in the datasheet.


    David Palombo

  • LT8620 maximum output voltage


    I am currently using an LT8620 to generate a 24V / 2A power supply from a 40V input power supply.

    The LT8620 randomly die after 2 or 3 start-up. 
    Does this regulator support 24V output voltage?

    Please find bellow my schematic sheet : 

    Thanks in advance…

  • LT8620 internal switching losses

    Hi All,

    We are planning to use LT8620 in one our application. We want to understand the power dissipation inside the IC. Datasheet provides Rds(on) for high side and low side internal FETs, however it does not provide parameters to evaluate switching…

  • LT8620 stability using LT Power CAD

    Hi All,

    We are using LT8620 to generate 1.2V from 7.5V. We have very wide output load variation from 10mA load to 2A load. So, I would like to understand stability of the circuit that we designed under different loading conditions. Unfortunately, LT8620…

  • LT8620 output current change under temperature condition


    The customer would like to know the LT8620's output current change under temperature conditions for the following conditions:

       - VIN = 50V, VOUT=5.5V

    Could you please provide the LT8620 "Output Current vs Operating temperature" graph for the…

  • RE: LT8620MPMSE#PBF - Power dissipation calculations

    Hi C.Pradeep,

    Thanks for using LT8620 in your application.

    The monolithic buck regulator, LT8620, already considers the switching power loss, conduction power loss and thermal resistance during the design of IC. The temperature of the top-side and bottom…