• Ask a question about LT8620


    LT8620 is a buck converter, now I want to use it to get an inverted output, the application is as below:

    1. Input: 12-24V
    2. Output: -3V, maximum output current is 800mA

    Do you think this is possible? If yes, would you please give me a reference design…

  • POSITIVE-TO-NEGATIVE CONVERTER from LT1766 datasheet usable with LT8620

    I use the positive-to-negative convertor schematic from out of the LT1766 datasheet to produce a -5Volt power (together with a + 5Volt power from another 1766).
    Now I have to redesign my application and I'am thinking to switch to the LT8620.
    My question…

  • LT8620没有输出

    我参考了LT8620 12V Step-Down Converter线路,能输出12V/2A。但SYNC接地,电路没有工作,无输出。不知道是什么原因?INTVCC有3V,TR有3.1V,RT为1V。

  • RE: LT8620 Don't WORK

    Interesting. We also have problems.

    Top side marking: 9C38 works 100% perfect

    Top side marking: 8J69 does not work. However, it has correct VCCINT, SS 2uA is OK and it makes a few switching cycles but quits switching after that. Tested everything in order…

  • short between INTVCC and BST of LT8620


    I confirmed that there was a short between INTVCC and BST of LT8620. Therefore, I think the internal diode may be broken.
    If you have any experience with this cause, please let me know.

    Best regards

  • LT8620 in LTSPice

    Hello,  Is the "Mode" Pin in the LT8620 jig actually the Sync pin?  There isn't a Mode pin in the datasheet.


    David Palombo

  • LT8620 3D-model


    I've been looking for a 3D-model for the LT8620 in 24-WFQFN Exposed Pad package, but haven't found one. Anyone who knows where I can find one?


  • LT8620 internal switching losses

    Hi All,

    We are planning to use LT8620 in one our application. We want to understand the power dissipation inside the IC. Datasheet provides Rds(on) for high side and low side internal FETs, however it does not provide parameters to evaluate switching…

  • LT8620 stability using LT Power CAD

    Hi All,

    We are using LT8620 to generate 1.2V from 7.5V. We have very wide output load variation from 10mA load to 2A load. So, I would like to understand stability of the circuit that we designed under different loading conditions. Unfortunately, LT8620…

  • LT8620 Disable

    When the LT8620 is disabled, does both the high side and low side transistors open up or does the low side transistor turn on to apply ground to the SWx pins?


    -John Gray