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    I have a question LT8612

    I am seeing the standard application of the 5 V (3.3 V) step-down converter on page 18 of the data sheet.

    · Product number: LT 8612
    · Question: How can I set SYNC (1 pin) / PG (23 pin)?
    · Usage form: 28V-38Vin ⇒ 5Vout, 28V…

  • LT8612 - Switch on Problems


    I have a problem with the LT8612 in the following circuit.

    In the simulation with LT-Spice everything works as planned.
    I wanted to use the EN/UV pin to switch on the -15V supply.
    In the real circuit, the controller only starts when I generate a…

  • LT8612 Iout max

    Vin = 33v

    Vout = 24v

    What is Iout max ?

    Is it 6A?

  • [LT8612] Question about EN/UV

    To whom may it concern, 

    I'm HS.

    According to the datasheet of LT8612, the device will be ON when EN/UV is applied with HIGH and shutdwon when it's connected to GND.

    But the datasheet doesn't explain how LT8612 will work when this EN/UV Pin is…

  • LT8612 Loop stability in inverting buck boost configuration


    I plan to use the LT8612 in inverting buck-boost (IBB) configuration to generate Vout = -15V from Vin = +5V.

    Is there a possibility to check loop stability? Or is this not needed as the internal compensation is always stable?

    Looking forward to…

  • RE: LT3045 Constant Voltage Output Mode

    Hi Oriol,

    Do you mean you want to do a variable power supply? You may want to check this as reference. DC2132A, 24V 3A Constant Voltage, Constant Current Bench Supply Featuring LT3081, LT8612, LT3092


  • RE: Is it possible to connect the output of LTC3126 in parallel to double output current?


    Current sharing is difficult in LTC3126 as it doesn't have an external Vc pin like LTC3118. We can control the inductor current level with this pin. 

    Paralleling LTC3126 with additional current sensing and load sharing circuitry might not be a…

  • RE: 开关电源的突发模式和脉冲跳跃模式的原理及区别?


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