• RE: LT8620EMSE vs LT8620IMSE

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for application of LT8620.

    Yes, LT8620I is guaranteed over the full –40°C to 125°C operating junction temperature range, and

    the LT8620E is guaranteed over the 0°C to 125°C operating junction temperature range.

  • RE: LT8610AB PGOOD de-bounce capacitor


    Thanks for the information and application of LT8610.

    Yes, the current rating is close to that level. The PG pull-down resistor limits the current flowing through the PG internal transistor. 

    The 470nF cap at PG pin should be good.

    Best regards,


  • RE: LT8610AH/LT8610ABH thermal shut-down


    Thanks for application of LT8610 products. 

    Yes, LT8610AH/LT8610ABH have on-chip thermal-shutdown feature.

    The threshold is around 165C degree.

    Best regards,


  • LT8620 stability using LT Power CAD

    Hi All,

    We are using LT8620 to generate 1.2V from 7.5V. We have very wide output load variation from 10mA load to 2A load. So, I would like to understand stability of the circuit that we designed under different loading conditions. Unfortunately, LT8620…

  • RE: LTPowerCAD crash when opening file

    I was unable to reproduce the error. Including changing windows region and language settings for France those default solutions mentioned seemed to load without error. Can you send an image of the error message shown when you try to open the default solution…

  • AEC-Q100 for LT / ADP


    I am currently looking into the part like LT8610 & ADP1612.

    We found most LT components has automotive temperature "H" grade selection.

    However, we does not find any info regarding to AEC-Q100.

    Does "H" grade represent the AEC-Q100…

  • RE: LT8610AC In parallel or in the same board

    HI, thanks for suggestion. I saw LT8650S as well as LT8645/46. I decided to use LT8610 because according to LTSpice simulations it lead to a small ripple (even in the range of 1 mV by proper selection of output capacitor and inductors) and in nominal…

  • 【在线研讨会】Silent Switcher稳压器: 高效率、超低EMI

    在重视热耗散和效率的场合中,人们会用开关稳压器替代线性稳压器。开关稳压器通常是输入电源总线线路上的首个有源组件,因此对于整个转换器电路的 EMI 性能具有重大的影响。


    在近期的在线研讨会《Silent Switcher稳压器:高效率、超低EMI》中,从原理到封装到布局再到具体产品,重点介绍了大幅降低开关稳压器EMI辐射的新技术。