• LT8610 Heating up

    I'm currently performing some repairs on a control box for a vsat system and through the use of a handheld FLIR unit, we have noticed that the first of 3 LT8610 circuits gets warm. Ambient temperature of the board is 23 degrees Celsius and when the…

  • LT8610's SYNC pin


    Is it possible to input the pulse signal (0V / 3.3V) to the SYNC pin before powering on LT8610 (VCC = 0V)?

    The maximum rating for the SYNC pin is 6V.

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  • Is LT8610 AEC-100Q qualified for automotive applications?

    As title I could not determine whether the LT8610 is AEC-100Q compatible or not, a similar thread did not answer such question directly

    If somebody knows it it would be of great help !

    Regards, Matteo Ricciutelli.

  • Inquiry of OCP of LT8610 (and LT8609S) from a customer



    I received an inquiry about OCP of LT8610 (and  LT8609S) from a customer.

    Please advise about the following contents.

    Q) When an overcurrent state is solved, how much time is necessary LT8610 returns to normal operation?    Is it immediate?  Or…

  • LT8610如何稳定工作在轻负载状态

    目前正在使用LT8610,实现 22V~40V 输入,21V输出,输出电流约20mA。目前按附件图制作的样品,但输出电压不稳定,工作频率较低、线圈有声响,且芯片容易损坏,请问如何解决。最好能提供一个可靠稳定的应用原理图,谢谢!

  • 我们LT8610的电路工作正常,换了LT8610AB后,无输出



  • RE: As shown in the figure, lt8610ab can't work without power output. If you change to lt8610, it can work normally. Please help to solve it. Thank you


    could you please be more specific? Why should the LT8610AB not work in a circuit where the LT8610 does operate normal? The differences of both parts are described in the DS and should not influence normal operation to generate 4V from your 12V…

  • RE: LT8610AH/LT8610ABH thermal shut-down


    Thanks for application of LT8610 products. 

    Yes, LT8610AH/LT8610ABH have on-chip thermal-shutdown feature.

    The threshold is around 165C degree.

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  • RE: LT8610A/AB Pin 7 NC

    this is explained on datasheet page 20:

    Unlike the LT8610, the LT8610A/LT8610AB has pin 7 as an NC (no connect) pin. This pin can be soldered to GND to have an LT8610 compatible PCB layout. Alternatively, pin 7 can be left unconnected to help meet PCB…

  • LT8620 stability using LT Power CAD

    Hi All,

    We are using LT8620 to generate 1.2V from 7.5V. We have very wide output load variation from 10mA load to 2A load. So, I would like to understand stability of the circuit that we designed under different loading conditions. Unfortunately, LT8620…