• RE: Maximum Vout of LT8609S


    the maximum VOUT of LT8609S is just a function of VIN and can be differenciated for the two operating modes:

    1. Dropout. Please check these two diagrams from the datasheet:

    2. In 'regular' operation the maximum duytcycle (dependent on frequency…

  • LT8609

    What is the current consumption of the LT8609, Sync tied low, when out of regulation. I am using the device as a voltage limiter, Vin is 11 to 30V, Vout set to 12V. 10uH 3 amp inductor. I am finding it draws around 2mA when Vin is less than 12V

  • LT8609 - Automotive package


    I plan to use LT8609 for automotive application.

    What is the better package between DFN and MSOP for this usage?

    I mean about robustness.

    Usually, is the smaller the better?

    Best regards,


  • LT8609 EN Input Restrictions?

    Are there any restrictions on the LT8609 relative to Vin?  For example, can EN be set high by logic prior to Vin turning on (ie. Vin is zero or below EN threshold (below ~1.05V) and EN is >3Vdc)

  • LT8609S Sub-harmonic oscillation

    Looking at the LT8609S as a pre-regulator outputing 6.3vdc @ 1.2 Amps.
    Working through the datasheet it appears that a 22uH inductor at 400 kHz
    is reasonable. I'd like to support an input range from say 9v to 12v
    meaning duty cycles greater than 50%…

  • LT8609S Ultra-low EMI

    Hi Analog,

    Could you provide me with the right ferrite bead that I could use in this schematic or a way to determine it myself:


    Ultralow EMI 3.3V 2A Step-Down Converter

  • LT8609S ext clock using LTC6902 with SSFM

    Looking to drive three LT8609S regulators from a LTC6902 with SSFM.  This appears fairly straight forward ... float DIV and PH (each bypassed with a 1nF capacitor), 10.5K SET for a 630kHz Fmax, 22K MOD for a 9.55% SSFM.  Connect OUT1 to the first LT8609S…

  • LT8608 or LT8609 with negative output


    I am trying to use the LT8608 as a positive to negative voltage converter as described for example linear technology design note 1021.

    The simulation in LTSpice works fine, producing -6V from 15V supply. Necessary output current is less than 1A…

  • is there any Bug in LT8609 spice model?

    Hi all

    i do a simulation with LT8609. but there is some big spike noise about 10Vp-p on Vin, when Cin has 0.6nH of ESL.

    and , there is no problem in LT8609A  with same simulation.

    is there any Bug in LT8609 spice model?

    Best ragards

  • RE: Order options  for LT8609 - difference between AEMSE and EMSE

    They are same parts with some differences.

    LT8609 & LT8609B  has faster switching edge compared with LT8609A.

    LT8609 & LT8609A has burst mode & pulse skipping mode while LT8609B has only pulse skipping mode.